Mazany: Zuri's testMature

I wondered if I had made the right choice and started to panic that Zuri wouldn't make it through the test. Al'leako looked at me and prodded my mind with his mist,

"Do not worry Little One, she shall not falter in this test. Do you think you finally understand what I mean?" My lips twitched and Al'leako's eye sparkled with mischief. Zuri looked between us and whispered, "Nutbrain"

That made me laugh out loud, but a part of me was still worrying about Zuri. I felt my laughter die and I said,

"I'm sorry Zuri, you don't have to do this... I shouldn't have brought you." I looked up at the black moon against the orange sky. Zuri didn't say anything and I looked down nervously to see her looking at me, I glanced away and said.

"Good Luck. Remember don't stop Zuri. Just don't stop." With that I walked into the woods and waited in the field of the two sun's. I thought about Zuri, and agonized over whether she was OK.

"That one is strong." Al'leako mumbled to me making me start, Al'leako gave me a grin and transformed into his strange rabbit form. He sat there next to me, he's ears twitched and he said, "You do know, Little One, that you can still be with her? Just open your mind and you shall be able to talk to her if you worry so much."

I looked at Al'leako and said, "Can-Can I really do that...?" He nodded and said,

"Remember not everything is in black and white, sometimes it is purple and blue." He left me then, jumping off into the tall grass. I mulled over what he said, I relaxed my body and opened my mind. I saw whispered, Zuri? Are you there? Silence met my thought, just as I was about to give up and felt a pressure on my mind and a voice yell. Mazany!! I faltered slightly under the impact of the thought and sent, Not so loud Zuri! I felt her mentally look away sheepishly.

How are you doing Zuri? I asked her,

I'm doing... OK. She answered back nervously, I realized that she was probably thinking I was part of the test.

Just keep walking Zuri. No matter what. I said softly,

Yeah. I'm giving you a mental roll of the eyes. She said jokingly, I smiled and carried on talking to her while she walked. Something moved in the grass near me, but I ignored it thinking that it was Al'leako.

You're doing- I felt something hit me from behind and I collapsed, I slipped away from the contact with Zuri. I heard her scream, Mazany! in my head, I feebly though, Zuri, keep walking... just walk. But I couldn't hold on anymore, and as a shadow fell across me I fell into darkness.


Al'leako stopped mid stride and looked up at the sky. The black moon was turning red and Al'leako whispered, "Oh no... how did it get here!" With that he sprinted off in between the tree's to find Little Nature and Little One. The Shadow of the Black Twilight World had returned. The Soul Feeder was back and Al'leako had left the two Little one's alone.

The End

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