Mazany: Meeting the MasterMature

I chuckled to myself and answered,

"Just watch" Then with that I walked closer, I looked over the lake covered in mist and opened my mind up, I felt the mist like presence almost immediately. So this is the one you choose Little One? Al'leako asked in my mind, Yes I answered truthfully and the mist like tendrils reached out towards me, again the mist snake rose up with it's glowing green eyes and nodded once to me.

The snake nodded towards Zuri and Al'leako said, She is not open... I glanced back at Zuri and said,

"Zuri, open your mind." Zuri was watching the mist snake in front of me with wide eyes,

"Zuri! You trust me right?" I asked flicking my two tails with uncertainty,

"Yeah! Course I do Nutbrain! I already said that!" I smiled at her and nodded,

Good. Al'leako said and I heard Zuri gasp, "What was that!?"

Ah! No Little Nature, you may not talk in the crossing. Al'leako said lightly,

He's Al'leako, he is the master of riddles. I said in my mind smiling slyly, Zuri gave me a look and opened her mouth to say something when I raised my eyebrow. She closed her mouth and pouted, I chuckled. The mist snake brushed against me and I looked back towards the lake.

Do you still trust me Little One? I relaxed my body and answered, Yes, I trust you. And with that I took a step of the cliff.

Zuri gave a squeak of protest but she saw that I didn't fall, I walked forward and said, Once you start walking you cannot stop Zuri. You can stop for nothing, if you do you will become that which is not. Just walk Zuri and don't stop until we meet Al'leako. I glanced back to see Zuri nod at me and take a step forward, she carried on walking. I slowed down slightly so that she was walking right behind me,

Do not worry Little One. This test shall not be as hard as yours was for you have entered here once and so shall not become unmade if you stop. Little Nature, make sure that you do not stop.

Two mist snakes shifted forward and wrapped their bodies around me and Zuri as we walked to the middle of the lake. Mist curled around us, and soon the cliff was no longer visible, the air shifted telling  me that we had shifted through time and the fog gained its greenish tint.  The voice was singing again and soon we heard what was being sung,

"Silently waiting, he comes again.  Silently waiting, but who he bring. Oh who could it be, this new being. Will they make it. Will they make it through the mist~"

Again the voice stopped as soon as we touched the blue and red grass. We were in the Black Twilight World, we moved forward into the forest of the Grey trees. The mist snakes faded away and so we started Zuri's test.

The End

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