Mazany: Moving Forward'sMature

I decided to leave Al'leako's world early explaining how I needed to see someone. Al'leako warned me that I wouldn't be able to return for a whole year, but I needed to talk to Zuri and find out if I could trust her. I went back through the bend of space across the Black River and walked back to where I thought the tree house was. I... smelt the same magic that had taken Zuri away and also smelt another type of magic that hung close to Zuri and then leave gently. I walked up to the base of the tree and shifted back into my human form, I decided to test my new space bending abilities. I made myself believe I wasn't here, let my body slip away and my mind just float. I looked down and was surprised to see it work, I was still solid but it was a start, I climbed up into the tree house and saw Zuri sitting on the floor glancing out the window. The sun was setting, was she that worried about me? I thought before remaking the bending of space around me and reappearing saying,

"Hello, Zuri"

And that's how it was for the next twelve months, in which me and Zuri got to know one another better. It also gave me the chance to decide weather or not Zuri was the one person I would reveal the knowledge to. In twelve months Zuri practiced her connection with nature and I practiced the understanding of Space and the riddles that Al'leako had given me. Twelve months in which I had to wait for the bend in time to re-appear for Al'leako's world.


12 months later

I knew I was dreaming when I saw the Grey forest with the black moon and orange sky. Al'leako stood in front of me,

"Ah, Little One! One Year has passed, you are welcome to return to the Black Lake and complete your understanding of Space." Al'leako walked closer to me and whispered,

"So have you found the one you wish to share this knowledge with?" I just looked up at Al'leako,

"Ahh I see! You have, well they may come but you shall have to get them here with your own bending if they are to know at all."

I nodded and the dreamworld faded away. I was back in the forest, my tail wrapped around my paws and the white moon hanging high in the sky, I heard Zuri trying to creep up behind me and chuckled, making an illusion that I was two feet away. She tackled the illusionary me and fell face down in the mud,

"Aww! No fair Nut-brain! You can't use illusions!" I shook my head and said

"It's not illusions. It's the things that should not be." I replied smiling slyly.

"You talk in riddles Mazany" Zuri said wiping the leaf litter of her brown dress,

"Ha!" I barked "You haven't seen a true master of riddle's yet Zuri! Come on, I want to show you something" and with that I leaped lightly off the boulder I had been sitting on, sprinting off into the woods. Zuri yelped in surprise and took off in flight after my path.

The End

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