Zuri: My Story.Mature

I didn't remember collapsing or how I came to be at my treehouse. Grandma was gone but her warmth still lingered. I sighed and pushed myself into a sitting position. I blinked trying to get my eyes to focus. I groaned from having lain on a hard surface for so long.  Something caught my eye. It was an envelope with an unfamiliar scrawl on it. It bore my name.

"I never had the chance to give it to you," Grandma's voice sighed then she faded away completely. My hands were shaking as I opened it. I read.

My daughter, Zuri,
   I can never put into words all that I need to tell you. Most of it is too confusing for a mere letter.
   First, do not think I do not care for you because I have left. I wanted so badly to take you with me but your father forbade it saying that it was better for you to stay with him. Do not hate him, he had only your best interests at heart.
   The next is you may find that Ice will hold resentment to you because while we were together, you were your father's favourite. Do not resent her for that because one day your father may marry again and have another child meaning you find yourself understanding Ice more. Beware of her nonetheless, be cautious around her, because Ice is undoubtedly powerful.
   Finally, you are strong, Zuri, in ways that you probably will never fully understand. When times are hard remember that the Sun's Fire always brightens the day and the Moon, up there in Space, makes the night sparkle. Snow is frozen Water that cleanses all things. Air blows the sweetness of Nature and its child Earth to surround and protect you. One day, you will see the
 true meaning behind the words.
   I am always loving you and may Nature watch over you,
      Your Mama for always.

A single tear rolled down my cheek. My Mama had been my father's second wife. Her name had been Destiny. It still made me laugh, I don't know why; I just thought her name was funny. She had left my father when I was two Nature Cycles old. That meant I didn't really remember her. Only her voice; but it was fading. She used to sing to me. She had been miserable with my father, unable to stand the Pixie politics, having to deal with Ice's antagonism and being alone a lot of the time. Mama had been close to Grandma and Grandma told me that after I had been born she used to call me her 'Golden Gift'. Mama hadn't been able to stay even if I did mean the world to her.

Within a year of her departure, Father had married again. His third wife was very friendly to me and to Ice even though Ice seemed as hostile to Father's wife as she had been to my Mama (at least I assumed that was the case from all I had heard). Ava had called us both her daughters willingly and seemed to be sincere in thinking of us as her children. I didn't know if she'd still feel that way in three months when she gave birth to mine and Ice's brother or sister.

I hadn't thought about Mama much since Grandma's death because Grandma hadn't been there to remind me of her, to tell me about her. Having this letter made me think only of her. I wondered how my life would be now if Mama hadn't left three Nature Cycles ago.

Engrossed in my thoughts I had almost forgotten about Mazany promising to try and meet me again. I glanced at the sky. The sun was just rising. Would he come? If there was something I needed to feel better it was my newly found friend. Oh please let him come, I thought. The sun rose steadily and I began to worry. Had the wolves caught him? Could he not come for some other reason? Maybe he was just being polite when he said he'd try to come. I was about to give up when he appeared out of nowhere.

"Hello, Zuri," he greeted me.

The End

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