Mazany: Time & Space (Part 2)Mature

We sat at the edge of the Black lake, on the opposite side of the mist. Al'leako had transformed back to his Phoenix form and had his dragon like wings folded across his back.

"Do you know what you can do when bending Space, Little One?" I glanced sideways at Al'leako but he was focused on the mist surrounded lake.

"Space is the physical aspects of a dimension." I looked again at Al'leako but he said nothing,

"If you bend space you can cause illusions-"

"NO!" I quickly looked at Al'leako who had spread out his wings in frustration.

"Ugh! Little One, how can you learn if you don't listen!" Al'leako's eyes had turned a deep purple,

"Bending Space, is to make someone PHYSICALLY believe something is there! They need to feel it and believe that which is not to be! It's like how the Sun never sees the Moon but knows that it has a physical form! You see?"

I just looked over the river and Al'leako calmed down closing his wings,

"I shall tell you something Kitsune..." I looked up in surprise when he said my kinds name,

"I know you are the most trustworthy with knowledge so I shall tell you this. You may tell no one else, apart from your most trustworthy friend who will not reveal this either. You understand? If you do reveal this you shall disappear. Understand?!"

I nodded and said,

"I swear on the Kitsune's honor that I shall not reveal what you shall tell me, and shall only tell the most trustworthy person I know."

Al'leako nodded, before saying,

"If you meet another who knows outside your knowledge you must kill them as well..." Al'leako didn't stop to hear my reply instead saying,

"Creatures. You. Me. Anyone. We do not... exisit... we are the bending of Space. However we believe ourselves to be real so we are real. While bending space you may come across a... border... which you must NEVER cross. This boundary will give you the ability to bend Space so much as to completely destroy the bending of a real creature, you may even be able to unbend this world if you pass too far..."

"You understand why no one should EVER know of this! And why you must never, even in death, use this ability to unbend someone else or something else that is truly here!"

I looked at Al'leako, "So... you and I... are not real? We are the bending in Space?"

Al'leako nodded and said, "We were bent in the beginning by one who you may not know yet. One whom only the Ninth tailed Demon's know of, and this knowledge is the reason they... un bent.. themselves."

"Wait! Hold up" I said standing up suddenly, Al'leako glanced down at me looked across at me. "Your telling me that they Unbent themselves? Why?"

"You may not know! It just like how the Fire Spirit may never know the touch of Water until the Fire Spirit first gains the knowledge to enter that domain."

Al'leako suddenly spread his wings out a flew into the fog. I stood on the blue and red grass in confusion when I saw him flying back.

"You see? This is a created bend in space so has a restricted area to it!" Al'leako told me and I realized that we had left the subject of Unbending. 

The End

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