Zuri: Grandma's Essence.Mature

I refused to emerge from my room until I had no choice. The sun was just setting. Papa's workers had obviously been warned about my wings because they tried not to stare. I walked to the dining room where Ice, Papa and his two guests were already eating. Ice smiled, just a brief smile of satisfaction, and the Council members, including my Papa, were too professional to stare.

I joined them in eating. I remained silent. Then I stood and left, feeling their gazes on my back. I didn't look back.I could sense their feelings. One Council member was curious, one pitied me, my father was filled with concern and Ice was feeling smug and triumphant.

I changed my clothes. Humans and other creatures thought we all wore short dresses that looked wild and were nature themed. Talk about stereotypical. Sure we (female Pixies at least) prefer to wear dresses and both genders like to wear things representing Nature but we did wear ordinary clothes too, more often than 'Pixie' clothes. The clothes I had changed into were a long brown skirt and an electric, blue, silk top. On my feet were some flat, strappy, silver sandals. I grabbed a brown cardigan and pulled it on as I headed down the stairs. I passed Ice and she baffled me by smiling in approval.

"Going to see a friend?" She inquired. I just continued to head down the stairs. My eyes didn't even flicker to her and I stayed stonily silent. Ice chuckled softly. I was just opening the door when Papa appeared out of nowhere.

"Where are you going, Zuri?" He asked quietly.

"Out," I answered tersely.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Zuri, those wolves might co-"

"They won't trouble me," I snapped and stepped outside, "Don't expect me home tonight or tomorrow."

"Zu-" Father began angrily but I closed the door in his face. I was quick so I darted away and forced the pull of home to let go as I went. Next thing I knew, I running in the forest where I'd saved Mazany. I kept running just wanting to leave it all behind. I focused on fleeing; breathing in time with the pace of my legs, the wind whipping through my short hair and the wildlife brushing my skin. I was trying to forget that my wings were hidden but it was hard when there was no sparkle on my back from the moonlight.

"Zuri" her warm voice breathed. I slowed my pace. Listening hard. She sometimes appeared to me when I was upset or angry and such. She had just been unable to let me go.  When my Mama had left Father; Grandma, Father's mother, had raised me. She had died a year back but I still loved her. It was Grandma who had been unable to leave me completely and who called me now.

"Zuri, honey, I'm right here. Stop, love." I stopped so abruptly she looked startled. Tears overflowed at the sight of her. I thanked Nature silently for allowing my Grandma's essence to be visible to me. I threw myself into her open arms.

"Oh, Grandma," I sobbed.

"I know, honey, I know," Grandma hugged me tightly. I knew she did truly know, she knew everything concerning me. It was forbidden for essences to interfer too much. For example she couldn't do or say anything that might affect life or death. This sometimes made me worry about the pain it caused her but for just then I didn't worry.

I sobbed and let her hold me.

The End

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