Mazany: Time & Space (Part 1)Mature

"To learn?" Al'leako looked taken aback and walked up the corridor I followed and felt my fur ripple and found myself back in the meadow of Grey grass but now there was a path of black swirling ice that parted the way. The ice was cold to step of but wasn't slippery,

"Do you know what space is Little one?" Al'leako asked suddenly turning to face me, I stopped and thought, Al'leako didn't wait for me to answer instead saying,

"Everywhere there is balance around you like a rainbow above you or fog surrounding you. Do you understand me Little One?"

I shook my head and Al'leako carried on walking muttering to himself,

"OK! How about, with every end there has to be a new beginning. Like if, say, we bent space to cause a bend that bend would appear else where but as a bend in time. So a bend in space is like the rain that falls and time is like the sun that causes a rainbow, correct?" I said nothing and Al'leako just sighed,

"Perhaps one day you shall understand this, but for now just know that out there, there is another like me but they protect the boundaries of history and future. In turn one who uses time bending may not effect a space bender and vice versa. I believe you understand this much?" I nodded slowly, Al'leako smiled and opened his wings and flew into the sky blocking out the Grey sun that shone down. A mist snake came and wrapped it's body around me and I slowly rose.

"What do you see Little One?" Al'leako asked from above me, I glanced around and answered,


"Ah Ha! I see green! And now I see a world in which the sky is the land and the land is the sky!" I just glanced up wards and said,

"That makes no sense!"

"You are beginning to understand!! Space does not make sense! To control space you must believe that which is not is and make other's believe you! Do you understand?" Al'leako asked me swooping down towards the ground and into the forest of perfectly a lined trees. Al'leako seemed to blur around the edges and then in Al'leako's place stood a rabbit with long ears that traveled down it's back, it's tail was long and dragged along the ground and it's fur was purple.

"To make things seem real you must enter one's mind a twist what they think. That is what I am doing now, correct? You are in fact sleeping at the edge of the Black Lake surrounded by a mist. I bent the space around you to create illusions that effected your mind. Space bending can be used to effect dreams too, but once you have learnt to bend space you never are given your own dreams again. You will travel within the Black Lake's web, which is the dream realm to unknowing visitors."

I began to understand a bit of what Al'leako was saying, I felt Al'leako brush against my mind and he jumped up, sprinting between the tree's in sheer joy.

"YES! The Little One has begun to grasp the logic of the in logic!"

The End

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