Zuri: First Debt.Mature

"I have decided that since I did you four favours you owe me four favours," Ice stated simply. I paled but knew better than to argue. Ice paused examining me then continued. "I think that it will be best if it's spread over several years so I can enjoy the debt being paid before asking for the next."

I swallowed but it was difficult. "What is the first payment?" I whispered. Ice smiled broadly at me.

"Glad you asked. The first debt I think you should fill is covering for you tonight..." Ice trailed off a bit before delivering a blow that felt like she had killed me. "You, the Pixie Zuri, owe me, the Pixie Ice, for covering for you tonight so no one knew why you weren't home. In return, you must use your Nature given gift of invisibility to conceal your wings from everyone else, never revealing them for a second, until the essence leaves your body or you reach maturity or the essence leaves my body."

I was frozen in horror; staring at Ice. Then what she'd asked for settled in my awareness and I gasped.

"No!" I whispered, broken, "No, please Ice, no! Not my wings!" I knew, I just knew, that she'd make it cruel. Pixie's wings are a sign of honour and pride and a symbol of strength and Ice was not only taking that from me: but she was making me use my gifts to do it.

Ice smirked cruelly. "Uh-uh, Zuri, that is what I want in return... now pay up," Ice ordered.

With tears streaming down my face, I used my gift for invisibility to hide my wings from view. I told my gift to make sure that it always kept them hidden other than Ice's exceptions, when either of us died or I reached maturity.

"Very good, Lil Sis," Ice murmured, "Very good. Sleep well, Zuri, you never know when your next payment is." With that she turned and left.

"I hope that you burn and rot in the depths of Nature's Dark World," I snarled but it wasn't very fierce because of my tears. Ice just laughed softly, victoriously, and closed the door; leaving that enchanting, torturous laughter to hover in the air.

I sobbed. They never ended. I vaguely heard Ice outside my room, telling Papa that the attack had made me feal like I was unworthy of any symbol of strength and so I'd hidden my wings. Ice pursuaded Papa not to try and force me to show them because I would only do so if I was ready, if I thought myself strong. She also suggested that it would be better not to talk about it when I was around because I just got distressed.

As I slowly got ready to sleep, I thought that nothing could ever be as bad as this but then I rethought. Knowing Ice, anything was possible. Absolutely anything.

The End

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