Mazany: Black Twilight World (Part 2)Mature

The Grey trees stood in rows, neatly arranged, the mist snake now walked along side me. The Black moon cast a black light that made the shadows seem white, a bird landed on the branch of a tree, I looked up at the bird and it disappeared in a puff of mist.

"He He, we could never effect you could we Little one?" The mist snake changed shape, and seemed to expand into what looked like a mixture of a bear and a shaggy dog. The creature had two glowing yellow eyes, I didn't falter in my steps but carried on, knowing what this test required.

"Hmm, you're good Little one, you may even make it to the beginning." The creature faded away and I carried on forward, the air seem to ripple and I now walked in a meadow with Grey grass that reached up to my snout, wind blew gently over the grass causing a ripple almost. The sky had two sun's that shone with a red glow, I carried on walking. I heard something tickle at the back of my mind and was aware of the creature pulling forth an old memory.

The scene twisted again and now I was walking on a dirt road, normal tree's lining the edge of it and a white moon. I felt my fur stand on end and my tails flickered nervously, I knew what was coming next in this bending the ground suddenly stopped and I was walking in the air again, across the lake of tak'ah. A lake that could rip out your soul if you stopped walking for even a minuet. I glanced down as I walked and saw a swirling mass of mist below.

"So the Little one has the sense to keep walking, even in the twisted space  and dreams we have created. Tell us Little one, what have you seeked in coming here?" I did not answer instead I kept walking.

"Oh so the Little one knows of my trickery, well that is to be expected from a Trickster." I flickered my tail at that but kept walking,

The scene twisted again, this time I was in the air and it seemed as if I was falling but still I kept walking one paw in front of the other. The ground came into view, but I kept walking. Just before I came into contact with the floor the scene changed once again and I now stood in front of a creature like none I had ever seen. This creature was like a Phoenix but had blue feathers instead, also this creature had dragon wings instead of feather wings. However I noticed the glowing yellow eyes,

"Welcome, Little one. I am Spirit Al'leako, I protect the boundaries of Space and Dreams. Why have you come? To be able to cross my test of knowledge you must know what coming here means? Am I correct?"

"Yes." I said simply,

"So why do you wish to trap yourself within the madness of Space and Dreams?" Al'leako asked me, truly puzzled.

"To learn" I replied.

The End

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