Mazany: Black Twilight World (Part 1)Mature

After Zuri had left I waited a couple of hours before I left, my body still felt weak and I more stumbled then walked through the forest. It was early morning but the moon was still clinging to the sky, my body hurt and so I decided to shift back to my fox form.

I sat down and curled my two tails around me, I sniffed the air and smelt the ...magic? that had transported Zuri I thought about following but knew that it was wrong to use this knowledge to my advantage so I just sat for a while longer, shifting through the various smells until I came upon the one I was looking for.

I got up and started in the general direction of the smell, I thought back to what had happened while I was asleep. It had felt so real, I began to think about the girl I had seen and what she had said to me, I didn't feel physically different but for some reason I felt that something had attached itself to me.

Trees whirled past as I followed the twisting scent of the thing I was looking for, I had been looking for it before I had stumbled upon the were-wolfs. I smelt a new scent, this one smelt like the shifting of nature and I knew I was getting close. The sun had risen half way into the sky by the time I made it to the edge of the forest, I sat down on my hunches and curled my twin tails around me.

I was sitting on a cliff edge that over looked a lake, the lake was shrouded in a thin mist that had tendrils that reached out like ghostly hands, one of these tendrils came close to me but I snarled and it declined a bit. I waited a few more minutes before finally the tendril came close to me again, this time I didn't snarl but let it come closer.

The tendril lifted up like a finger, the mist of the tendril changed shape until it was an almost snake like figure. The mist snake had two green glowing eye that regarded me before changing to a softer yellow and nodding. I got up and stepped forward reaching the edge of the cliff, I stepped off but didn't fall instead I seemed to walk on air. I flickered my tail slightly from the sight of so much water below me, the mist snake came and wrapped it's long body around mine.

Something brushed against my mind much like the feel of mist, Do you not trust me anymore Little one? said a cool voice in my mind. I calmed myself down and opened my mind to the new voice, "Of course I do" I said out loud.  Oh no, you cannot talk here. You must use your mind to learn Little one. Did I not teach you this? I flickered my tail slightly and answered Yes in my mind, it was hard to do this and focus on keeping my mind open.

The mist snake laid it's head upon mine and I found it easier to do both, thank you I said. I started walking forward on the air no longer caring about the water below me. Good, you are learning the voice approved in my head.

I walked toward the middle of the lake and the mist closed around me, mist curled around my feet and smelt the magic that told me we had entered another space in time.

The air changed around me and the mist took on a greenish tint. I heard a voice singing smoothly in the air, I carried on walking and soon I heard what the words were singing,

"Silently waiting, we wait in the mist. Silently waiting, we meet a new one. Oh who could it be, this new being. Who can enter, oh what can enter the mist~"

The voice faded down as my paw came to touch solid ground. I looked down to see blue and red grass and a green cobble walkway that lead into a forest full of Grey trees.

I moved slowly forward and stepped into the forest of the Grey trees. A black moon hung above me in an orange night sky. 

The End

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