Mazany- Inari & The MessengersMature

I listened to Zuri telling me about her kinds history, it was so sad and I realized how alike both of our kinds were. Once she had stopped talking she looked away, and I'm sure I saw a tear trickle down her cheek,

"We, the Kitsune, are a race that has immense knowledge and magical abilities. Our kind has the wealth of all knowledge, most of our kind are proud creatures that are loyal Guardians, friends and... lovers." I blushed at this. "

"We are the messengers to the spirit Inari who is the God of blacksmiths and protector of Warriors. He was the one that gave us the ability to generate fire and lightning, he also provided us with bodies. We didn't start out like... this" I said waving to the whole of my body

"In fact to start we were Huli-jing, fox spirits that had up to nine tails depending of their age, wisdom and strength. We used to be looked upon as the beings of knowledge and Inari created bodies for our ancestors to in habit as long as they promised to be the messengers of him for ever more." 

"They agreed and were given the ability to manifest themselves into a solid being, however after doing this other creatures began to suspect them for their wealth of knowledge and soon accused many of us as tricking people into giving them information. Whenever something happened it was blamed on our kind because we were feared for our knowledge. My kind was... hunted... to near extinction and many of our secrets have been lost because of this." I paused, my throat swelled up and I felt a pang of sadness from a past memory that had once been shown to me in a dream of my parents.

"However it is said that whichever Kitsune gains their ninth tail shall have a connection with the other Huli-jing being able to gain back the lost knowledge. Many of our kind have tried and some have succeeded but all have left and never shared their secrets claiming that Kitsune could not freely hand out this information." I thought about the next bit, debating weather or not I should tell Zuri.

"It was information that could make any creature a... God. Due to this people have blamed us for trickery and lying. That is why we are suspicious and stay in hiding most of our life." I stopped there, for there was not much more I could say. I felt my tears prickle slightly and I said.

" My Father once told me that all creatures were cruel and only wanted to use us for our knowledge. And once we knew too much they would... destroy... us, claiming that it was OK since we were Tricksters." I snarled the word Trickster, I suddenly felt tired.

I let my head hang down to my chest, I thought I heard a chuckle at the back of my mind but shook it off. I felt Zuri lean against my arm, and put her little arms around me, my arms felt too heavy so I just sat there and let Zuri hug me.

The End

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