Zuri: Pixie Histories.Mature

I mulled over his question. Why had I saved him? Why had I interfered against the wolves to save a Kistune that I didn't know?

"It seemed... unfair that you were being picked on for the reputation of your kind; a reputation that was there before you were even born. I guess you need to know more about our kind to understand my actions."

I lit some lanterns while I thought about how to begin. Then I helped him to sit up before sitting opposite him. I smiled at him.

"You know, I don't even know your name," I told him.

"Oh, it's Mazany," he muttered.

"OK then, Mazany," I grinned, "I hope you don't mind giving me some of your time to explain our history. It's not very interesting but it is quite long. I'll try to cut it down for sanity's sake but it's pretty complicated...

"Pixies created the Dawn... that's what we call the creation of the world. Well, we didn't exactly, we're decended from the things that did. The trees and grass and flowers... you get the idea? We were their essence. They made it able for us to exist and in return we truly made them alive. We made it possible for other life to exist, the life that humans, vampires, fairies... Kistunes," I glanced at him and he seemed fascinated, "All creatures of all kinds are descended from. They were able to exist and live thanks to Pixies keeping the world working. We didn't get thanked like we thought we would...

"These histories were forgotten," I snorted, "Left out more like. When the creatures of then realised they didn't need us anymore they began to run our world, for it was ours... back then, by themselves. Even the nature didn't need us to be alive, they wanted independance. Generally, we are kind as a species and wanted to grant the plants their independance if only we knew how. We were just essences and couldn't exist long without someone or something to sustain us. We're not proud of what we did but we were dying out fast. Some of us were stronger than others, they entered the bodies of humans who'd died but only just. Their essences were gone so we took their bodies and filled them with our essence. The bodies transformed into something similar to fairies except we're really short, have relatively smaller wings and pointed ears and sometimes we glow like a blinding light.

"When the first of us emerged the other creatures scorned us, just like they scorn your kind, because they thought we were strange looking humans. This scorn led to hatred and hatred led to the death of the few of us left. Do you understand now? Once upon a time there were hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of us but now there are only hundreds. All because of the cruelty in the world. They underestimated our strength because of our small size and they didn't realise we had magical powers. We had to go into hiding. Nature was the only one that was grateful to us and helped us to hide. There was a dark period when the world was nearly destroyed. The other supernatural beings had no choice but to come to us to help. We brought light back to the world and at last we had the respect we'd been hoping for. We won't tolerate scorn again and wear our wings with great pride, because we are proud to be Pixies. We swore never to be like other creatures and wouldn't scorn or kill anyone or anything. Other creatures have let the stories fade away with time and most haven't ever heard them but us Pixies have never forgotten the histories that are said to be legends. Most of our kind stick to the policy of being kind to everyone although there are those that are... not nice and shame the Pixie race. We have a council, formed to make sure our kind is safe. We're still very secretive you see.

"From the moment I was born five Nature Cycles ago, or as you think of them years, the histories have been drilled into me again and again. One, my father is on the Council and two, Nature has gifted me with a connection with it. It is rare to be gifted with such a connection. Nature is like our... God? We worship Nature because we are forever thankful for Nature helping us to exist and then hiding us. I saved you from the wolves because everytime I hear the stories Nature lets us feel the sadness and pain of our ancestors. I know what it is like, more than many, what it is liked to be scorned. The wolves tried to pick on me when I was three Nature Cycles old so I've never really liked them although I've tried. I used my gifts to beat them and escape. They've sort of respected me since then.

"So that is our story. Did you enjoy it? Did it answer your question? I saved you because I know what it like to be scorned for something outside of your control and it was cruel to let you suffer and I don't like the wolves for thinking they can rule over everyone. Also, I was fascinated. Like Pixies, Kistunes are hard to come by and I wanted to get to know you. I don't have many friends outside the Pixie world, I don't have many friends inside the Pixie world." I concluded making sure my face was turned away. I didn't like people seeing like this. Sad. Sadness doesn't bring out the sun. To my complete embarresment, glittery tears slid down my cheek. Our history made me sad, Ice being jealous of me made me sad, so many things made me sad. I closed my eyes trying to stop the tears by thinking of happy things.

Be strong, Zuri, be a survivor no matter what life throws at you, and your ancestors will be proud my Grandma's words whispered to me.

Be strong...

The End

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