Mazany: Dreams & SnowMature

Snow swirled silently down, I looked around slowly, none of my actions worked as fast as I wanted them to. The sky was a multitude of colours that swirled together,  never creating the same pattern twice. I took a step forward but found that I couldn't move my legs; I looked down slowly to see ice covering my body working it's way up. It didn't feel cold but I started to panic, I tried to move my arms but they to were covered in the ice too.
The only things left free of ice was my head and tails, which flickered nervously, I saw snow swirling up-wards from the ground in front of me and, as the snow settled, a girl stood before me. She was older then me and had light blue hair that fell to her waist in waves, she was wearing a red silk dress that swam smoothly against her skin.
She stepped towards me and stroked my cheek, turning it slightly so that I had to look out the corner of my eye to see her; I shivered against her touch but couldn't move away from the sensation. She let go of my face and moved round me, running her hand along the ice that encased me, snow still glided down, but none of it touched us.
She stopped in my blind spot, I felt her hand on my tail, I shivered more sharply and tried to flick my tail away from her touch but she grabbed it harder which made me yelp in pain.

"Oh, no no no, I can't let you do that. You mustn't try to resist, soon you'll be mine anyway." She tutted in my ear, her breath was cold on my skin and it paralyzed me with fear, she stroked my tail again. This time I didn't try to stop her, she pulled my tail gently with her as she walked back round to my front letting it slowly leave her fingertips.

She wasn't much taller then me, and looking into my eyes she said,
"Why, what a cute little Fox Demon you are. I think I might just have to make you mine" She tapped my nose, took a step back and danced around in the snow like a little child, hands raised above her head. She stopped and frowned at me, pouting.

"Oh no! I can't have you thinking that! Oh no no no! She owes me for this, and guess what I want you!" I just looked at her confused. She stepped forward and lifted my chin, I looked into her ice blue eyes. She breathed softly on my face, a mist forming just in front of my nose.

"Go on breath in my Little Fire Fox Demon" I tried to hold my breath, but my lungs felt like they were going to burst so I tried to turn away but she held my face firmly and in the end I had to take a jagged breath. The mist curled into my mouth and I shuddered as it floated down into my lungs. A coldness swept through me, the girl clapped,

"Oh Yes! This is perfect! I can't wait to use you!" She went behind me and stroked my tail again whispering in my ear,

"Goodbye my Little Fox Demon, our kanik is set and so now you belong to me"

With that she laughed happily and left in a swirl of snowy mist , the dream like world faded away, leaving me to float in an inky blackness. The feel of the girls mist still resting in my lungs.


Sunlight filtered through my closed lids I opened them slowly and tried to sit up but I felt a restricting hand placed on my chest,

"No, please don't try to move yet, you're not fully healed." I puzzled over that and remembered last night.... or was it last night? I didn't know how long I had been out... I didn't even know how I survived, shouldn't I be dead? I looked at the Pixie... Zuri, could she really have healed me? I tried to sit up again, Zuri pushed me down more firmly.

"No you cannot move yet!" She ordered me, giving a look that meant no arguing. So I lied back down and closed my eyes trying to think through my jumbled thoughts.

"Why did you save me?" I whispered suddenly, my throat felt like sand paper and I coughed. I felt the Pixie lift a cup to my mouth and blissful liquid ran down my throat. She seemed surprised by my question,

"What?" I asked her, puzzled as to why she would seem surprised,

"Well most people would have asked how they had been saved instead of why."
I glanced away and looked out of the window of the tree house, it was my turn to be surprised,

"It's just... no one's ever helped me before. So why? ...Why are you different? What makes you want to hang around with a Trickster like me?" I said sadly, I didn't look at her,

"You are not a Trickster!" She shouted, I glanced at her, amazed by how passionate she was,

"But I a-"

"No! You are not! You're a creature like the rest of us! I mean, river spirits play tricks but are not blamed for every misgiving that happens!"

"But why?" I asked again,

"I already told you, because you're-"

"No! I mean why? Why are you the only person whose said that to me? Even my parents said that we were different, that we would always be picked on. Why do you act outside of that reasoning?" I said sadly, I felt so confused. I mean all my life I had been taunted and I had just learned to live with it but now someone was helping me, not judging me. It felt so alien, I didn't no how to react, she worked outside of all my beliefs of our kind. Why was she so different?

The End

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