Zuri: Fever.Mature

I watched in amazement as the Fire Fox used... Kistune-bi? Well whatever it was it was incredibly powerful. Those wolves ran away showing what true cowards they were. To be honest, while I was feeling great admiration and pleased that the wolves were going I wished that there could have been another way. Selfish, huh? This little Fox was risking his life for us and I wished he'd stop burning my nature. I was still connected to nature so when the leaves burst into flames it felt like a part of me was burning. I gritted my teeth and dealt with the pain. I sat up as the Fox tried to stop his attack. He looked at me and his tails went out. The thunder went away.

He took a step towards me but fell forwards, crying out in pain. I hurried toward him ignoring the remains of pain of nature burning. I touched his forehead only to withdraw it quickly. It was my turn to cry out in pain. His head was so hot it had actually burned my hand! It was like his body was still on fire and in my attempt to reach him, the flames had scalded my hand. It was then he fell unconscious.

I panicked. I had no idea what to do, all I knew was I had to try and help him. His body was becoming more and more hot. I could tell because the grass underneath him was whimpering in pain.

I began pacing around his lifeless body; trying furiously to come up with something, anything. I refused to acknowledge the obvious answer. I tried everything. I made him drink some water, I even chucked water over him like humans did when putting fires out. I tried to get nature to fill him and heal him but the fever made it impossible for nature to reach him because it just burned nature up.

Finally, I couldn't ignore it any longer. I called Ice, a water Pixie who didn't like me much. I knew I would be indebted to her and she'd ask for something awful, something she knew I'd be reluctant to give or do. However, Ice was the only one who could help. She had great knowledge of all supernatural creatures and she would know what to do. She was also still a teenager and wouldn't tell my father, who was on the Highest Council of Pixies, or anyone else what I'd done.

So, with a sigh, I closed my eyes and called for her mentally. She responded, surprised, and told me she'd be there soon. I opened my eyes and sat on the grass, waiting for my half-sister to arrive.


She did arrive quickly. Ice was seventeen years old and she was the daughter of my father and his first wife. She took one look at the Fire Fox and distaste was etched on her face.

"A Fire Fox demon? You called me to save a little Trickster?" Ice snorted, "That's just so you, Zuri." I remained stonily silent. She examined him for a long moment then sighed. "I can help," she said then smiled slyly, "But of course you owe me for not telling Papa as well as saving his life and disappearing before the little Foxy wakes. You agree to owe me a favour in return?"

"I don't have much choice do I?" I snapped, "You already knew I'd agree."

"Watch that mouth of yours, little sister, you have to eat with it," Ice spoke lightly. I scowled as she worked. I don't know what she did. She didn't tell me what was wrong with him or how she was healing him, she just did it. At last she stood up.

"He'll wake up soon. It was close, perhaps as close to death as he'll ever be. Take him to your private place. I'll cover for you not being home tonight, which means you owe me four times over," Ice shot me a wicked smile over her shoulder, "We'll talk about payment later. See ya, Zuri." I glowered at her back but followed her advice. I carried the Fox back to my treehouse. I gathered some food for him. Then, with a feeling of deja vu, I waited for him to open his eyes; thinking over what I could tell him to explain his miraculous recovery...

The End

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