Mazany: Kitsune-biMature

I was still trying to make sense of the situation when I saw Darren threw the Pixie aside, Zuri I think was what Darren had called her. I was disgusted at how he could just throw her away like she wasn't worth his time, it boiled inside me and I decided that I had no choice.

Darren and the other wolves prowled around me, and I turned with them trying to keep and eye on all of them at once. Darren was smiling cruelly at me and said,

"So what now Trickster? No Pixie to come a sweep you off your feet this time."

I growled at him, biting back my fear and instead turning it into pure hatred. The air around me began to heat up and Darren took an unnecessary step back, fear flickering across his eyes before he got his bravo back and chuckled,

"Oh! So Fox boy thinks he can make me think that he really has Kitsune-bi?" He snorted, "Please! I bet you can't even survive one of those"

It's true I thought to myself If I use it I may not survive, but I owe the Pixie, Zuri, and I'll do anything to see that debt re-payed. I just slyly smiled at Darren and I saw the flicker of uncertainty again. I hoped that was all it took and that I wouldn't have to result to the Kitsune-bi, but Darren just glared at me and morphed back to his human form leaving his tail, ears, claws and teeth behind.The thing about were-wolfs is that they don't morph their clothes back so they go around naked most of the time, and so Darren stood there naked in the middle of the circle while the other wolves circled around us. I glanced left and right, that was when Darren chose to attack coming at me with his claws and pinning me against a tree, I tried to pry his claws of my throat but he just tightened his grip. He leaned forward and snarled in my ear, "Oh yeah! I must thank you for getting me the Pixie, I'm sure the boss will love her." He grinned wickedly at me.

Anger rose in the pit of my stomach, and I snarled at Darren bitting his hand. Darren let go of me, hugging his bleeding hand to his chest.

"Why you son of a-"

"Shut up" I snarled my lip curling back-wards and me going onto an all four's stance.

"Just shut up! And leave!" I yelled at him, he just laughed out loud,

"Where do you think you get off ordering me around? Kid this is OUR forest!"

A growl rose in my throat and I felt the air crackle around me, thunder clouds began to gather overhead. The tree's bark got singed by the heat that emitted from my tails, causing some of the leave near by to burst into flames. Darren growled at me and morphed back into his wolf form, he charged at me but I span around and hit him with my tail, causing him to get burnt along the side. My tails had burst into flames and they danced along my fur, not burning me or my clothes. I stumbled, feeling myself loosing a grip on the Kitsune-bi, but that one attack was enough to get Darren and the other wolves to turn tail and run. I tried to stop myself using the Kitsune-bi but it wouldn't stop, I started to panic which just caused the Kitsune-bi to spread out further and set the grass on fire, I looked wildly around trying to think of a way to stop it and then spotted the Pixie, she had managed to get up and was looking directly at me. She was OK! I had saved her, I felt my tail's go out and the thunder head's disperse, the Kitsune-bi had stopped!

I took a step forward and fell, my whole body feeling like I had been set on fire. I cried out in pain and felt someone touch my forehead, they yelped in pain withdrawing their hand. My body hurt so much, I guess this is where it ends... at least the Pixie will be OK. My body couldn't stand the pain anymore and the darkness spread through my mind like a blanket of fire.

The End

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