Zuri: Wounded.Mature

All hell broke loose. Darren went balistic, trying to shake me off like a common dog trying to shake water from his fur. The other wolves were getting very agitated. They could barely look at me and it made them feel weak and vulnerable.

I leapt off Darren's back and crouched in a defensive stance between the wolves and the Fox. Darren stared at me blinking in shock. Then he rolled his eyes and grinned wickedly at me.

"Hello, Zuri. I'm glad you stopped by, I never had the chance to pay you back in kind for your stunt earlier," Darren said as him and his friends closed in. "You should've stayed out of it, Pixie," Darren added. I could sense the Fox's fear and confusion as he glanced between the two of us.

"This is a set-up, isn't it?" the Fox said outraged. I didn't remove my gaze from Darren.

"What are you on about?" I demanded in a low voice.

"You two obviously know each other which can only mean you've been planning to get me together! You think I'm so stupid but I can see past your act; pretending you care about me but really -" the Fox's ranting was cut off by Darren's snarl. The other wolves echoed his snarl.

"Uh oh," I muttered, "Wolves, why did I decide to fight wolves? Nature I need you." Leaves on the ground began to whirl around us providing some cover. I tried to grab the fox and get us out of there but Darren grabbed my throat first.

"You can still leave unharmed," Darren hissed, "You've only done what you think is right but this Trickster must be punished. Just go, Zuri." I was struggling against his hold. I should've stayed out of it, like I normally did. Survival was the primary instinct of my kind. My eyes brushed the Fire Fox's. The other wolves were circling him, taunting him. There was a small stone on the ground and I used nature to make it fly at the wolf who had just tried to bite the fox. It hit the wolf in the face and he yelped. By now, the Fox had figured out what I could do and he met my gaze. Understanding flickered through his eyes and his fear slowly transformed into something else. This Fox had become my responsibility, my Charge and I had to protect him. I moved my eyes back to Darren and smile grimly but only ended in a grimace from his painful hold on my neck.

"Sorry, no can do," I managed to get out. His face twisted with disgust.

"He's just a Fire Fox demon, not worth anyone's time," Darren growled and threw me away. I crashed into a tree and fell to the ground. Pixies healed fast, not as fast as fairies, but fast enough. I didn't lose consciousness from the gash in my head, which meant I saw all that happened between the Fox and the wolves although I was unable to help him...

The End

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