Mazany: GlowingMature

My head was still pounding and I didn't notice the shadows that followed me through the woods, spot's danced in my vision and I felt my wounds straining against their healing. I kept stumbling and in the end stopped in front of a tree that stood like the king of the forest, it's branches reaching out as if to comfort those around it. The trunk was so big that I couldn't even reach my arms around it. I got up and climbed over the roots that popped out of the ground, trying to keep the world from tipping to one side. I stopped suddenly, sure I had just heard a chuckle and looked behind me to see Darren there, smiling at me with his yellow wolf teeth showing, he was still in his wolf form. I turned to look around me and saw the other four glancing around as if looking out for danger, and I wondered why.

"Oh Ho! Look who it is boys! The little fox decided that he could walk round in OUR woods like he's king"

My ears burned  and the other wolf's laughed at my discomfort or just to keep Darren happy, I couldn't tell which. I should have made some sort of comeback but I remembered earlier and was too scared to say anything,

"Aww is the wittle baby woxy gonna pee his wittle panties?" Darren said in a mocking voice, seeing my fear as a sign of weakness. I tried to take a step back but one of the wolf's growled at me, stepping forward and peeling back his lip.

"Ah, ah, ah" He said shaking his head, like a mother telling a child he couldn't go out to play "We haven't finished yet and your little tricks won't work this time" I wondered what he meant by this, I mean my illusions were terrible and wouldn't work right until I got my third or fourth tail. However I kept this to myself thinking that it might come in handy later.

I tried to stop my hands from shaking but they wouldn't stop so I just bunched up my fists. I looked up in time to see a little figure drop from the sky, and land on Darren's back, my mouth dropped open as I saw it was the Pixie who I had just left, but she was beautiful! She seemed to glow with a aura of... of beauty was all I could think of to describe it. She smiled at me and said,


The End

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