Zuri: Hurt.Mature

The Fire Fox Demon was the most amazing supernatural being I'd ever seen! When he shifted back into human form I was so awed. He was incredibly good-looking. He had reddy-brown mop styled hair with strange white and black tips.

When my back was turned he must've woken because when I faced him again he was attepting to walk. I darted over to him as he fell and caught him.

"You shouldn't be trying to walk yet, you know," I informed him. He pushed me away only to end up sitting on the floor. I sat next to him, being sure not to look at him.

"Pixie," he whispered. Shocked he had actually spoken to me I looked at him.

"What?" I asked, surprised he knew what I was since my kind are very secretive. We're a rare species and tried to stay hidden for our own safety.

"You're a Pixie right? You know, the kind that flies?" I glared at him. He was treating me like I was stupid, which I didn't like one bit. I'd hoped he was better than most. I mean, Fire Fox's had a bad reputation. So I huffed.

"I know what a Pixie is you nutbrain," I snapped, "And yeah I am. I mean I have wings don't I?" I twisted around so he could see them. I was proud of my wings. They marked me as one of the strong survivors.

"Oh wow, they're so cool," he said stroking one. I blushed at the unexpected compliment. I liked him stroking my wings. Sure, technically we were very proud as a species and no one was allowed to touch our wings but at the moment I didn't care.

"Well, your tails are cool! I mean they're so awesome!" I gushed and involuntarily reached out to stroke one like he'd stroked my wing but he jumped up out of my reach.

"I should be going," he said flatly. I felt a pang at his rejection. I let him stroke my wings, I'd saved him from the were-wolves and this was what I got in return? It hurt. Then I saw wariness in his eyes. Maybe Fire Foxes were even more sensitive than Pixies with their wings  when it came to touching their tails.

"Oh no!" I pleaded hastily, desperate to make amends, "Wait, please, I'm sorry: I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

"You didn't! I'm not some stupid kid! I know you'll just make fun of me!" With that statement he jumped down from the treehouse and stalked off into the woods. I watched him go, shocked and hurt. I began to sob, I wasn't used to cruelty.


It took a while for my tears to stop falling. He had actually left me! Without so much as a thank you for saving him from those wolves! The wolves... Oh no! He'd walked off into that wood not even fully healed yet and those were-wolves were still at large. They'd be looking for him because they didn't like losing.

I leapt from the tree and began to run. Oh, forget it! I spread my wings and flew up into the air so I could see further. I found them not too far away. Darren was hurtling abuse at him as he closed in. The other wolves were watching out for another unexpected attack. I was invisible though. Also when I appeared they'd be blinded because I was furious and using many of my powers. I dropped from the sky onto Darren's back before coming visible. The wolves snarled and theFox gaped at me. I smiled at him.

"Hello," I greeted them cheerfully.

The End

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