Mazany: Hidden ShadowsMature

My head felt like it was about to explode, I moaned softly and felt something cold touch my forehead. I tried to open my eyes but the light hurt, instead I transformed back into my human form and felt the damage that had been done to my body. I groaned again as I heard a little gasp beside me, I tried to open my eyes again and managed a crack to see a girl looking over me she was beautiful. I moved my hand to my nose and felt the scab break open and bleed again, the girl grabbed my hand putting it down to my side and put a stinging mixture onto the cut, I tried to stop her but she was surprisingly strong so in the end I just closed my eyes and drifted off again.


When I next woke up I was able to open my eyes fully I found myself in ,what seemed to be, a tree house. I sat up and felt a stabbing pain in my head, I gingerly touched it to find a bandage wrapped round my forehead. I waited a second for my head to stop whirling and got up. I tried to take a step forward but my legs were like jelly and I fell down only to be caught be someone.

"You shouldn't be trying to walk yet, you know" I looked up to see golden green eyes looking back at me. I pushed myself away from the girl, but my head began to spin again and in the end I just sat down on the floor. I felt the girl sit down next to me and glanced through the corner of my eye, the girl must be around my age or slightly older, she had spiky chestnut brown hair and pointed ears. She also was really small,

"Pixie" I whispered, she looked up shocked

"What?" She asked.

"You're a Pixie right? You know the kind that flies?" She glared at me, which made me look away, and made a huffing noise.

"I know what a Pixie is you nut-brain! And yeah I am. I mean I have wings don't I?"

She turned around and I saw that she did in fact have wings, they were small and indigo coloured they also kind of glittered. I reached a hand to stroke one and said,

"Oh wow! They are so cool!" She blushed.

"Well your tails are cool! I mean their so awesome!" She looked at my tails and reached out a hand to stroke them, but I jumped up and turned away.

"I should be going." I said stiffly, remembering that I was a Fire Fox Demon and no one liked us. That she would be like the rest and just make fun of me and blame us for anything misgivings that befell her.

"Oh no! Wait please, I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings" She said desperately, I bunched up my hands and said,

"You didn't! I'm not some stupid kid! I know you'll just make fun of me!" I said and I jumped down the hole to land on the woodland below and stormed off into the black forest and it's hidden shadow's.

The End

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