Zuri: Expect the Unexpected.Mature

I was sitting in a tree, invisible, when I saw them. The were-wolves. They were young and arrogant and there were four of them. Generally, I like all supernatural or mythical creatures but there was something about were-wolves that repulsed me. Maybe it was what they did to me and other creatures. They thought they were better than everyone.

These wolves had cornered a fire fox demon. The fox was as young as me, perhaps a bit younger, and it was obvious he was terrified. I'd never seen a fire fox demon before. Fascinated, I began to pay more attention to what was happening.

"Aww is the poor Fox afraid? You better apologise for the trick you played on us." I recognized the speaker as Darren.

"I didn't do anything! I don't know what you're talking about!" The Fox tried desperately to convince them of his innocence. I watched in disgust as Darren dragged the Fox into the centre of the wolves' circle; directly below my tree.

"Don't try to lie to us, Trickster! Your kind is known for their trickery," Darren growled. The Fox was too frightened to say anything. I had to help him somehow... I saw Darren swipe the Fox's snout with his claws. I saw the blood. Now I was mad. He was just a little, defenceless kid and these teenagers were picking on him, having fun with him. I spotted a conker still in it's shell. The spikes were perfect. I glanced down as I moved quickly to the conker. Darren was in exactly the right place, directly below the spiky conker. I smiled to myself. Darren needed a good lesson and it was coming in the most unexpected form.

"Nature, I need you. Please make the conker fall on Darren's head so he won't touch the little Fire Fox again," I whispered. Nature instantly responded. It fell and hit Darren. He yelped in pain. I dropped from the tree with a thud and moved to the unconscious Fox's side. As the were-wolves were looking up at the tree, I reached out and touch the Fox. My invisibility power rippled from me to include the Fox as well. I picked up the Fox and carried him away. I'm small but I'm strong. With nature's help I carried him far away and hoisted him up into my private treehouse. I tended to his wounds, cleaning them and bandaging them. I used some plants to help with the healing. Then I sat back and waited for him to wake.

The End

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