Equal GuardiansMature

A side line story of Mazany's and Zuri's childhood together and the forming of their relationship. This is a side story to Night World Acadamy. This is only for me (Almach) and xLittleHill_TheIrishGirlx


I watched as the were-wolfs approached, I had backed myself into a corner and now was paralyzed with fear. My Fox tail twitched as I tried to back myself further  into the small hole I had squeezed into.

"Aww is the poor Fox afraid? You better apologize for the trick you played on us"
One of the were-wolfs had stepped forward, he had dark brown fur that had hints of black and one of his eyes had a scar over the lid of it.

I managed to get out in a whimpering voice "I didn't do anything! I don't know what you're talking about!"

The were-wolf growled and grabbed me by my neck, dragging me out and into a circle of other wolves. I stood in the middle, shaking on my four paws, the scarred wolf stepped forward and growled, "Don't try to lie to us, Trickster! Your kind is known for their trickery!"

I just stood their shaking unable to move. The big wolf came forward and swiped me across the snout with his claws, I tasted the coppery sensation of blood and shrank back further only to be pushed back into the center by the other wolf's.

The wolf's started cheering on the scarred wolf saying "Yeah! Show that Trickster whose boss!"
"Go Darren, smush that little squirt"

The scarred wolf, Darren, prowled around me, I felt blood running off the tip of my nose. I fought back the tears that threatened to spill over, I then remembered what dad had told me a few months ago,

"Son, this is not the life I wanted for you. Our kind are scorned upon and it'll be a hard life, but son you need to learn how to fight back. Don't let them humiliate our family name."

I ran forward trying to bite Darren but he just swiped me away with his paw, my body hit a boulder hard and I felt my head bang against the stone. My vision was blurry as I got to my feet and ran at Darren again, but he just knocked me over and left me curled on the floor, bleeding from various scratches.

"Ha! You think you can hurt me you little Punk?! I'll show your Daddy what happens when he decides to play a trick on the boss man!" He chuckled and prowled forward. My head felt heavy and my limbs wouldn't move, my eye lids began to droop. Just before I lost consciousness I heard Darren yelp in pain and a conker fall just in front of my snout, and then... nothing.

The End

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