This is a story I wrote based on a dream I had, the details are fiction but the plot is taken from the dream. It has barely been read over, but I wanted to post it before I forgot.

I heard the sound of something humming quietly, like the buzzing of a fridge. Everything
else was blank, nothing surrounded me, except the annoying vibration which grew louder. Moments went by before a sudden flash of light flooded my vision. The numbness in my fingers and toes began to dissipate as I made out the sound of a mans voice in the distance.

" .... We are running out of fucking time! We need to leave him behind now or we're all going to die out here! "

A woman's voice replied, " I'm not leaving him behind! Not after what they told us about him! "

I recognized her voice, but as my vision cleared all I could see was a thick neon blue substance which coated my visor. Suddenly the numbness in my upper body lifted, allowing the immense pain in my chest to rush through to my head. Without thinking I lunged forward, slightly pulling myself away from the steel rod which pierced straight through my chest.

The buzzing ceased abruptly as something quickly wiped the blue ooze from my visor. A completely armored figure was beyond, holding a plasma cutter in one hand and a pistol in the other.

"He's up! Simmons get over here and hook up the OSM, we need to see if he can walk on his own back to the rover." Her tone was strict, but her voice was that of a young girl. On a plate above her visor was her name, Amelia Carrington, she was the Clipper pilot for Echo squad.

Without waiting for me to speak, she placed her pistol in my hand and the cutter against the steel rod which impaled my chest. It looked like some debris from one of our entry modules, but my memory was to shaken piece it together. The women began to speak as the The cutter continued it's annoying buzz.

" Keep them bastards off my back, we'll have you up in no time! " she added.

I glanced down at the pistol in my hand for a moment before another figure rushed to my side kicking up a cloud of ice as it slid across the snowy surface below me. Almost ignoring them I studied the ground for a moment before I realized I was on a glacier which extended past the horizon. Icey cliff sides rose into the thin atmosphere like wrinkles in a fabric. Dashing across the ice were what looked like small white scorpion like creatures leaping at another armored figure in the distance. His rifle screamed as a bright violet laser left its barrel, obliterating the beings and cutting into the ice below.

I lifted my head to see the man beside me was our medic, Wyatt Simmons. He held a orange and white metal case which he placed ground. Releasing the two latches on its sides he swung it open to reveal a few plugs which fed into a small computer and monitor. He gripped my helmet tight and turned my head to face him,

" We'll get you out of this Vince, just hang in there. " Snapping the plugs to my helmet he checked the monitor before he continued,

" Ahhhhhhh shit, this is bad. It looks like the spinal column is completely intact, but the beam is the only thing stopping the bleeding.We can't remove it until we reach the med bay, that's our only option. "

the plasma cutter rung out as it finished slicing the steel beam free, leaving its edge a cherry red. The pilot reached for her side before her metal suit sprung out two pins which locked the cutter to her hip.

" Let's get him up and moving."

Wyatt quickly packed up the OSM before removing a small cylindrical object from his side. He removed its capping and stamped it onto my chest plate. Suddenly I felt a surge of adrenaline course through my body before I nearly jumped to my feet.

The End

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