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“There’s blood all over the house, Evelyn, you were puking it before, remember?” I said, trying to keep my tone as light as I could. Something inside my head was screaming, This isn’t Evelyn anymore!

“That was then. This blood is new,” she said, and even though her voice was still the new freaky one it sounded like a croon.

She took three fast steps towards me and was suddenly a foot away. She stared at my arm hungrily, and my heart started thudding in fear. This was definitely not Evelyn.

She lunged her head as if she was going to bite my arm; I cried out and flung myself to the side, but as fast as a whip she had already recoiled.

The hunger in her eyes had dissipated suddenly and she had returned to the bathroom doorway although I was sure I had not seen her move.

“Wrong blood, not new,” she hissed, holding onto the doorframe with her odd sharp nails. “The blood that’s changing, bad blood…”

“Who are you?” I gasped. “You’re not Evelyn! What’s wrong with you?!”

“I know I am not Evelyn,” she said, and her mouth curved into the most sinister smile I had ever seen in my life. It made my spine crawl. And in that moment I knew that this must be much more than a virus.

“Get away from me,” I screamed suddenly, launching forward and shoving her in the chest. She felt as solid as a statue but stepped back in surprise, and I slammed the bathroom door shut and drew across the old-fashioned outside bolt.

There was no hammering on the door or screech of rage, though I waited and held my breath, shaking. I heard the sound of someone scrambling into the shower and turning the water up.

This was too weird. There was a thumping and Summer appeared at the top of the stairs, wide-eyed.

“What happened?” she gasped. I looked at the door and sighed heavily.

“Evelyn was being really weird. It’s as if the virus has taken her over and given her an entirely different… personality.”

Somehow, I didn’t think that was the right word.

Summer nodded again slowly. It seemed she couldn’t agree with words anymore.

“Come on,” I muttered, leading her into my room and kneeling on the floor to pull all my drawers out. I pulled two rucksacks and a messenger bag out from under my bed and stuffed some clothes into one rucksack.

I handed the other to Summer.

“Here. We’ll go back to your house and see… if anyone has come back. And you can get your clothes and things.”

“Are we leaving?” she asked in surprise, clutching the rucksack as if she didn’t even know she had hold of it.

“Well, there’ll be other raiders. I don’t know if my house is safe. And if we’re going out to find Caitlin, we might not be able to get back here. We should take anything we might need just in case.”

“Okay,” she uttered finally, trailing me down the stairs into the kitchen, where I stocked the messenger bag with a few bottles of Evian water and some food.

“It’s like we’re running away or something,” Summer commented nervously. I didn’t look round as I finished raiding the cupboards. I tucked my mobile into my jeans pocket - I knew it wasn’t working but it felt reassuring to have it with me. I pulled a coat on over my hooded jacket and handed a spare one to Summer, who zipped it up and grinned ruefully.

“I’m sorry about all this. If I hadn’t have come here…”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure Evelyn will be fine here. Let’s go.”

The End

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