Epics Are FailuresMature

The short story of new girl Yesenia Gillian as she grows close with her two new friends, so close it might just cut off all other relationships and ruin the ones she already has


I act tough because I am tough…

I tell myself that every day.

She looks at the mirror, every day.

Does she the same girl I see?

The same bright yellow outfits and deep blue eyes,

Do they make her day?

Because they make mine,

All the time.

~ Lissa Addison

            “Does this make everything okay? Is this supposed to make everything fucking okay?” She yells at her, throwing papers of Lisa’s own poem at her. “You fucking humiliated me, you fucking whore!” She yells, breaking her every bone and muscle, and eventually, the heart and soul.

            “I-I thought you loved me,” Lissa managed to whisper out, her tears choking up her own throat.

            “How I can fucking love you? You’re a fucking pussy – a wimp – a woman! I love cock, you freak! Cock cruncher, remember?”



Its massacre’s like that that make a girl not want to come out of the closet anymore. That happened just a few weeks ago, Lissa Addison became in love with her best friend - the hottest and most cruelest bitch in the school – Evie Mara, and even though we all know Evie is gay, even though she dates and sucks cock and is a total slut, we all remember what she did to Irah McMann.

Poor Irah…

Lissa was different though; she was tough.

Or so we thought.

But she committed suicide just like Irah.

All because of Evie Mara – local murderer.

I told her that Lissa was going to kill herself – because what else do you do at that point? Get better? See a shrink? She was already seeing one, and she had confided in her best friend, Eva, and Eva could tell the whole school secrets that she promised to hold dear, all without any hesitation or remorse.

I could never do that.

I don’t tell myself to be tough, I just tell myself to listen to the wise words of Angela Chase.

She had all the answers.


If only there was a second season…..

Then the meaning of life would be answered, but instead…… all we have is Monty Python.

The End

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