....................Week Twelve

As she walked the treacherous road, a cold and harsh wind thoroughly chilled her to the core. The seconds ticked by as she maneuvered through the potholes and cracks that threatened to trip her. The dark moonless and starless night manifested nothing. There was only the dim street lamps to diffuse very little light. She balked the thoughts that got her heart rate growing steadily faster as more and more seconds ticked by.

Her exertion to sustain a calm appearance was exhausting her rapidly. In this predicament, it is crucial to remain, or at least appear Herculean. Descending from the black sky, a bolt of lightning flashed, causing the girl to jump and barely contain a yelp of surprise.

She was wound up so tight, expecting someone to reach out and grab her at any given moment. More seconds passed, and the pressure of what she was doing was so intense. The girl new that no matter what she did, this dark fear would do nothing to ascend and free her from a daunting past.

Finally, the girl, in her warm muclucs and thin shirt, reached her destination. She stepped inside hesitantly, only to give one last frightful and resounding scream that echoed in the dull cave-like room.

The End

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