Epic tales with words.

This is just some weekly vocabulary that I've turned into miniature stories... nothing special. Each new chapter is each week's vocabulary words. I will have underlined the words too. Enjoy.

Week One


My family is known for my ancestor's mistakes; her legacy is my living nightmare. It used to be that everyone was captivated by her courtesy; mesmerized by her beauty. She always wore her customary finery. People were in awe of how she took her biggest mishaps so lightly.

But her exploits were the cause of an international dispute. She got what she wanted: to be remembered for what she did; but it was not for greatness, but for the evil that resided deep within her soul.

Because of her, I receive hostile glares, and am scoffed at daily. Worrisome people believe that I look just like her, and that her evilness may be lurking in my soul, too; but they are wrong. I take heed from what I know, and do my best to learn from her mistakes.

The End

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