Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver


Jamie had just woken up and was preparing one of his favourite meals, toast. The phone rang. “Good morning, this Jamie, I'm on TV you know, what I can do for you? “

“Jamie this is Regus from HQ, and I damn will know you are on TV. Get your butt down to HQ by nine thirty today for an urgent meeting “

“Yes Sir” Jamie said “I’ll be there “


On the other side of town Austin Powers had just arrive home from a good night of woman and song. When his cell phone rang. It was Regus. “Hello Regus how are you this fine morning?”

“Cut the chit chat, get down to HQ, by nine thirty, urgent meeting “Regus said and hung up.

“Wonder what got his knickers in a not” Austin thought.


“Gentleman, we have a global crisis on our hands, and the two off you are the best chaps for the job” Regus said while sipping his third coffee and brandy for the day.

“What’s the problem?” Jamie asked, with maple syrup still on his cheek.

“You have both heard of the international terrorist, Lady Gagga, who holds a degree in baking and nuclear physics from Harvard University. She has created a new formula for making a nuclear bomb using water and solar power. She has encrypted the formula within a chocolate muffin recipe and is trying to sell it to terrorist organisations all around the world. You job is to find her and locate and decode the muffin recipe.

We simply cannot let this technology land in enemy hands.” Regus said.


“She is likely to be at the Muffing baking world champs taking place in Miami this weekend” Regus continued.

“This is the perfect front for Lady Gagga to pass the formula on to the highest bidder “


“Smashing, I have always wanted to meet Ms Gagga, she kind makes me go gaga if you know what I mean, yeah baby” Austin said as he eyed out Regus’ lovely assistant.


“I love muffins, just not the atomic kind, well get this woman and save the world sir, even if I never make another muffin “Jamie added.


So it was off to Miami for Jamie and Austin for a weekend of fine muffins and foxy woman…….

The End

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