Epic Story

We've all seen or heard of the epic movies..... =P

Ok So This should be alot of fun =D

We've all heard of or seen the epic movies, yes?

Well Just incase you haven't they are a spoof / parody type of lots of different charachters from other movies. An example of an epic movie was Narnia: Lucy the terminally dumb one went through the cuboard and met Mr tumnus. Edward got flashed and captured by the White B****, Lucy Edward and Sophie traveled to find Azlo, battling off the monk from the divinchy code with Mr tumnus's life partner the beaver. Captain Jack swallows has a rap with other pirates after helping edward escape. The X-men were there and so was, Borat.

Well anyhow this is the Epic Story! *que dramatic music*

NOT a roleplay because its not seen from someones point of view but each person continues from where the last left off. You can post as many times as you like and go compleatly off the wall but no people in it from your own stories and what not. They need to be recognised people from a famous story (like narnia) film (like twilight) or real life (Jamie oliver, lady gaga, gordon brown ect)

You choose how it goes so have fun =D xxx


In  A Galaxy Far Far away our story begins with ......

The End

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