Epic road trip!!

An epic journey involving Duncan B, Alex L and myself.we head on a journey with the insperation of the famous top gear cast.we set out from the sunny county of east ayrshire around the country.we were asked to take on weird and wonderful traditions and compititions all around uk and ireland.

It was a plain old boring thursday morning in school when duncan and alex aproached me with their faces beaming.I wondered they must have won the lottery to be beaming like that."fraser,fraser guess what"roared duncan."what"I muttered."we've been asked by the discovery channel to travel around the country and take on extraordinary compititions and tradions."screamed duncan. my eyes widened "omg, you better not be pulling ma tail here  duncan" I growled."naw i'm being totally serious if you don't believe me the guy that asked us is et the office."so i headed to the office to see if they were lying or not.but when i turned th corner i saw this guy standing there in a black tuxedo with black sparkling in the sunlight.i turned and looked at both alex and duncan and they nodded.so we trodded over to the guy and he bellowed "so you three will be taking on the challenge off the tour of traditions and compititions around the country." "yep we said in unison."well it the next six months and you will be touring on harley davidson's" he exploited."whooh yeah" we all yelled.

The End

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