Epic Dream

They say your mind is most powerful while dreaming; you can alter your own reality, or travel outside your body. They say if you are killed in your dream, you can die in our sleep. It’s not true. If you have never had a dream quite like the one, it’s the one I’m having now. I call it my Epic Dream. I have been sleeping now for thirteen days and four hours. I have been killed again and my body refuses to bleed. You are the reader, just like the reader of my dream; I am the writer, as I am the dream, no matter how much I write you cannot explain the Forege. The dream lives inside a space; an echo mass known as Gastrome surrounds the space, the same thick mass that protects your conscience before birth also blocks thought from escaping the Forege. The Forege can be as large or small as your thought. I know now my Forege can fluctuate but always 387 kilometers North to South and 48 kilometers East to West, the ridges do not change. I find it interesting my mind could fill the Grand Canyon, twice. I have met seven separate oceans, none of which feed the other and the ground sustains life for only twelve days. The crops are barren the smells of life do not exist here but I know it is rancid. My Epic is not like any dreams you know, it does not change, only fluctuating the landscape like chameleon skin, it remains the same, size and shape but what appears before you may be false. The strangest things happen while in Forege, if I were awake I could fall asleep, but never in Forege can you awake, only dream, awake falls asleep, but never sleep falls awake.

When I arrived thirteen days ago there were seven others, I am Lucas, as you know I am the writer, but you are the reader, I can only exist if you read which is why I can not die. You read I am pierced through the sleeve of my stomach with a blade soaked in kerosene, but if you read on then the story cannot complete. I can only write as long as you read and you must read or I will die. No blood falls as I write, no heaving breath for now I am all that exists. You wonder why you are called to read from the end. I must tell you it is hard to place but you are the only one who can save the life.

Six others arrived with me, none of whom belong to the Forege, dreamers awake and die in dreams, and dreamers die and sleep until woken.

The End

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