Chapter 13 Part 2

Maria opened the door and lit some candles to light the house.  Alys ran through the house, flinging open windows in a dramatic fashion.  Matthew chuckled lightly as he followed her around the house, watching her gleefully getting back into her daily routine.  After she was finished she ran into the kitchen.

Alys walked into the pantry and picked up a loaf of hard, black, peasant bread.  After that one taste at the bakers she wanted more.  She broke off a piece, smelled it, and then bit into it.  She chewed slowly, savoring her favorite food in the world.  

She looked up suddenly and saw Matthew watching her.  She smiled, and silently offered him the loaf.  He took it hesitantly, then copied her actions.  He took a bite, and his face contorted. He grimaced as he swallowed, then smiled weakly at Alys.  

"Whimp," she said, bounding past him and taking the loaf.  

When she got back to the main kitchen she handed her half eaten loaf of bread to Maria, pulled out a pot and began getting ingredients out.  She threw them, seemingly random, in.  Maria didn't question it, but Matthew seemed worried.

"What--" he said.

"SH!" Alys cut him off sharply.  

Maria leaned into him and whispered an explanation.  "She needs to concentrate to be able to cook supper for the whole town in less than two hours."

"Does she do this often?" he asked.

"Only on special occasions."

An hour and a half later Alys had a giant pot of stew ready to take into town.  All three of them had to carry it to get it there, but when they arrived everone was ready.  There was a big banner that had made its way to the square, saying: 


and there was a band playing.  It was like the whole town had been waiting for this day (which they had.)  

As soon as they got to the town they began to dish up the stew, each person welcoming her back. 

The End

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