Chapter 11

When Alys arrived in the dining room the king was sitting alone at the table.

"Where's Matthew?"  Alys asked innocently.

"He finished and I sent him to his room.  You're late!"

"Mhm" Alys replied dully.

"Why is that?"

"Why not?"

"Because I want you to dine with me"

"You don't seem very enthusiastic," Alys said as she pulled out a chair and sat, slouching.

"Sit up."


"I AM YOUR FATHER AND YOU WILL OBEY ME!"  the king stood and slammed his hand on the table.

Alys cocked an eyebrow.  Putting her hands behind her head, and kicking her heels on the edge of the table.

"Not with that attitude I won't."

"I will not tolerate being sassed!" the king exploded, "You will go to your bedroom without supper if you continue with YOUR attitude.  Now patch up!"

Alys put her feet down, stood up and folded her arms.

"No. I'd rather stave than eat wit you." and she walked out of the room.

However, Alys did not go to her bedroom.  She walked farther down the hall to Matthews room and knocked on the door.  When he opened the door she ran in, not thinking about the "appropriate behavior."  Matthew followed her into his room, somewhat uncomfortable.

Alys flopped onto Matthews bed and began to rant.  Matthew sat down on the very edge of his bed and listened carefully.

"I can't stand it anymore! I can't wait three weeks, lets leave tomorrow...NO! Let's leave tonight!  He's driving me crazy! Today he tried to punish me for speaking to him! Maybe if Nana was here, but she's not, and I just want to go home."  Matthew raised his hand to speak, but Alys didn't let him say a thing. "No! This is not  home!  My home is in a cottage in Ernest, Solemn, with my Nana! When we go, I'm not coming back!" Alys was in tears, her emotions were overwhelming her.  If her friends could see her now, they wouldn't recognize her.  Matthew sat her up, and began talking her through things.

"Alys, don't be rash.  We have our exams next week, and you need to study your new subjects so you're ready.  If you want, we can leave as soon as they're over."  He looked Alys in the eyes, "Is that okay?" 

Alys nodded, then shook her head, "What exams?!"  she exclaimed, I didn't know that we had exams!"

Matthew widened his eyes, "Don't you listen? Every teacher has been talking to us about the exams for weeks"

"No," Alys admitted, "I zone out...I usually doodle."  Matthew sighed, "Wow. You're angrier than I thought."

"Not angry," Alys disagreed, "just bored." she stood up, and they made their way back down the hall and to her room.

"You're going to be fine," he told her, "I'll see you tomorrow, be good."  Alys nodded, then climbed into her bed without changing her clothes.  Matthew blew out the candle when he left. Alys was soon asleep.

The End

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