Chapter 10

Alys locked herself in her room with a piece of parchment and a pen.  She was being careful about what she wrote, because she wanted her letter to turn out perfect.  She began,

Dear Nana,

Then stopped, not knowing how to continue.  She sat with her pen on her chin, lips moving and a concentrated look on her face.  Then she had it. Her face lit up, and she began scribbling fantically, before she lost it.

I'm very confused.  I've gotten angry at the king quite a few times this week.  I've never seen this side of myself before.  I honestly have no idea what's gotten into me.  I'm trying my best to be a good "daughter," the problem is that I don't know if I believe him.  Today I went completely against his will...

She stopped, not quite wanting to tell about the schedules, but also wanting to confide completely to her most loved friend.  Finally she decided to skip that, then began another paragraph.

And then there's this boy, Prince Matthew.  Last time I met him was at the riding competition, and it was just a brief hello before riding.  The king has betrothed us.  At first I was angry, completely agianst it, but I don't know how I feel about it anymore. He's really fun, and sweet, and he's a great friend.  When I'm with him I'm not lonely like I was before.  Afterall, he's another person my age that I can do things with.  I just don't know myself anymore!  Please come and help me!  I miss you!

All my love,

Alys Baker

P.S.  I"m acctually planning on being in Solemn in about thre weeks for the riding competition.  Jut thought I'd tell you!

She stared at the letter, reading it over a few times before sealing it in an envolope.  She then kicked her sandals off and put on her riding boots.  On her way out to ride she dropped the letter in the mail basket, then headed out to the stables.

As soon as Bruno was harnessed up she happed on and rode through the gardens at top speed.  She had told her Nana three weeks.  She didn't know if she could last three weeks.  She felt better now that she had sort of confided in someonw, even if she hadn't said exactly what she had done.  Now she just wanted to be alone.

She looked up and found herself in an area of the garden that she had never been to before.  It was covered in roses, and there was a weeping willow in a corner.  An apple tree stood on the other side.  Alys tied Bruno near the apple tree, where he could snack, then made her way to the willow.  She walked through the branches and into the middle, where she sat down, leaned against the trunk and let her thoughts swallow her.  She had never felt so lost in her life, never felt so rebellious.  She wished that she could just be her happy old self again, but it no longer seemed plausible.  She felt awful, so she just let the tears come, pouring out all emotion.  By the time she had finished crying she felt empty, but a good, peaceful empty.  It felt good to, for that moment, let all her worries slide. 

Refreshed, she crawled out from under the leaves and got back on Bruon.  She wandered around the gardens for a while more.  Not until she knew that she was late for supper did she start back to the castle.  Back to confront her fears.

The End

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