Chapter 4 part 2

She had been at the shelter playing with the children when the mail cart had come, but it was news enough when she came home and Nana was panicking.  Nana was normally a very calm person. 

“What’s the matter?”  she had asked Nana. In response, Nana shoved a letter at her face.  Definitely not like Nana.  When Alys read the letter she knew why.

Dear Alys Baker of Ernest, Solemn.  You have been summoned to the royal palace of the kingdom of Ondger.  Please be here next Tuesday at one o’clock for your interview.


King Rupert

Alys had stared at the piece of parchment, then folded it carefully and placed it carefully into her pocket.  That day, Friday, was the day she began packing.

As Alys recalled her last few days with her Nana she smiled, then pulled herself out of the memories and kept walking.  When she arrived at the throne room door she knocked.

“Enter,” the booming voice of the king said.  Alys pulled the door open and walked in.

When she arrived at the other end of the hall she stopped.  The king motioned to the delicate white chair in front of him.  Alys sat, cleared her throat, and began to speak, recalling all that had happened in the last few hours.  The king was a good listener, nodding and shaking his head in the right places.  When she finished, he ran his hands through his beard, then said,

“I will speak with the stable hands about giving the man a different horse, but I must ask you to endure through your lessons.  Now run along, supper will be in a few hours.”  So Alys left.  She had been hoping for more advice, more confidence, but what could she expect from a king?  He was for sure to have other things on his mind.  She frowned, she needed help, she didn’t understand what was going on. 

As Alys walked towards her room she was in deep thought.  Who could she speak with that would give great advice?  She honestly had no idea of anyone in the castle.

“I guess I’ll just have to deal with it,” she said to herself.  And so she did.


The End

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