Chapter 3

Alys had walked into paradise!  There were paintings covering all the walls.  There was a table full of paint and another full of colored ink and quills.  Alys spun around, the skipped to a bare table, where she sat down.  Alys sat there for about five minutes before a wonderful young woman walked in.

“Hello dear!” she exclaimed, “I’m Professor Davisen, your art teacher!”  Alys nodded politely and gave a small wave.  “In this class we will learn the meaning of art and how to portray character and feeling within.  We will start with the basics, quill and ink, once you have mastered that we will build our way up to paints, chalks, pastels and dyes.”  Professor Davisen stopped, for Alys had her hand in the air.  Davisen nodded, and Alys said,

“Professor?  May I show you a drawing I created this morning?”  Davisen nodded again, and Alys pulled her drawing out of her pocket.  She placed it on the table.  Professor Davisen gaped at the work of art.  It was an image of the oak tree with the swing hanging from it.  Sitting n the swing, her back facing the viewers, was a girl, possibly Alys.  In the background was a horse, grazing.  You could almost feel the wind in the leaves; that is how well it was drawn.  Professor Davisen shook her head, then said,

“Well, I see you have mastered quill with black ink, so let’s begin with colored.”  And so they began their lesson of color coordination and colored art.  Alys was a natural!

At the end of art Alys’ picture was colored beautifully.  She also had a picture of a beautiful horse grazing in a luscious green meadow by a stream.  She was very proud. 

“Would you like me to have your artwork framed and hung in the castle?”  Davisen asked.  Alys nodded excitedly.  Her very own artwork displayed throughout the palace!  Now she knew where all of the paintings came from!  She walked out of the classroom, beaming.  Until she pulled out her schedule, that is.

Sewing.  Great.  Alys despised sewing.  She was too impatient for it.  Nana had always made her clothes, and then Alys had colored them.  She colored the thread, but did not patch the dresses.  That was Nana’s job.  It always had been, it always would be.  With a pang, Alys realized how much she really missed Maria.  Her Nana was one of the few people she had trusted always.  Nana had cared for her since birth; they had something like a mother-daughter connection.  Alys wasn’t sure if she trusted the people at the palace.  Everything was so crazy, she needed her Nana for comfort.

Alys suddenly realized that she was at her destination.  Before she opened the door she braced herself, and said, “Prepare for torture.”  Then she walked in.

This room was almost as horrible as the art room was paradise.  There were fabrics and ruffles and threads and frills…and lots and lots of needles.  Then Alys spotted the teacher, who was just as bad. 

Her dress had so many layers Alys didn’t know how she could walk!  And the rest of it, the rest of it!  The dress was full of frills and puffiness and horrible,horriblelace.  And she had a lace bonnet perched on her little head.  Her head full of horrid ringlet curls, and her voice,Oh her voice! 

“Hello lovely, sweet little princess!” It was high and squeaky and torturing!  “My name is Professor Pettigree.  I will be instructing you through the lady-like art of sewing.”  And some people had thought that Alys liked everybody!

“…today we will be learning the simplest stitch, the loop.  Let me demonstrate.”  This is when Alys realized she had a piece of silk in her hand, and a needle, already threaded, in the other.  “Now you try!”  Oh boy!  Alys hadn’t been paying attention.  She stared at her professor’s cloth, hoping she could decipher it.  Slowly, she poked her needle through.  Again she glanced at Pettigree’s fabric, and then tried to poke the needle back through the same side.  Before she had even pulled it threw her materials were snatched from her hands.

“No, NO,NO!”Pettigree cried.  Boy, was this going to be a long class or what?!

An hour and fifteen minutes later sewing was finally over.  Alys had learned absolutely nothing other than that she was a horrible seamstress.  She would talk to the king about taking more fun, entertaining,helpfulclasses.

Alys was starving, and she was lucky, it was lunch time!  She pulled her schedule out, for lunch she was supposed to head to the kitchens.  Alys looked around to see where she was.  Once she recognized which way she was supposed to go, she began to walk.

Finally she reached the kitchen, five minutes into lunch. As she ate, she thought about how excited she was.  She had riding next!  Alys sure couldn’t wait for that.  Running out of the kitchen with bread and cheese in hand, she ran out.  She would eat on the go, whether on her horse or on the ground, she didn’t care, she just wanted to get on her Bruno!

The End

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