Chapter 2

Alys finally caught up with the woman at the doors of the throne room.  The woman, who introduced herself as Harriette, held the door as Alys stumbled in.  Harriette closed the doors behind her.  Alys stood uncomfortably as the king looked her over.  Finally he said,

“Are you comfortable?”  Alys shook her head.  “Then take that ridiculous dress off!” the king exclaimed.  Alys stared at him for a moment, then turned and waddled out of the room, down the hall and then made her way back to her bedroom.

Once she got to her destination she shut the door, then she pulled the horrible dress off her body.  As she stood in her underclothes, she stared around the room.  Her eyes fell on the spot where she had set her bag the night before.  The bag was no longer there.  She then remembered throwing all of her bedding on top of her bag.  She then stripped her bed again, hoping to find her bag.  She shook every pillow and blanket.  Finally, in the very last sheet, her bag fell out. 

Picking up the bag, she pulled out a blue sundress.  After she put her simple dress on, she found her sandals, put them on, and laced them up. After that she pulled out two white ribbons and tied her hair into braids.  Once she was completely dressed and ready she opened her door and flounced back towards the throne room.

As she walked back into the throne room the king smiled and patted the white chair in front of him. Her chair!  Running down the length of the hall, she collapsed in her dainty white chair. 

“Hello Alys,” the king said.  “I have some news for you.”  Alys stared at him.  She still wasn’t sure if she should trust the king or not. “I was speaking with my councilors this morning,” the king continued, “and we decided that you need to have lessons.” He paused, waiting for a response.  When none came he said, “We believe it will be good for you to take palace history, sewing, art and one other class that I will let you choose.” Alys stared at him, not making a peep.  After a couple minutes the king finally said, “You’re choices are: riding, embr—“

“RIDING!” Alys cut him off.  Though she didn’t really need lessons, she would like to do something she enjoyed.  The king nodded.

“Okay,” he said, “I will get you your schedule within an hour.  Stay here.”  Then he left.

Alys stared at the door where the king had left.  She had to sit there for an hour doing nothing?  She didn’t think so.  Standing up, she wandered over to the small scribes table where she found a quill ink, and a blank piece of parchment.  Scooping it into her arms, she took it all to the windowsill on the opposite side of the room.  Lying down on her stomach on the sill, she spread her supplies in front of her, and then she looked out. The view was of the meadow.  The giant oak tree was facing the window.  Staring at the tree, Alys envisioned a beautiful scene, and began to sketch.

A half an hour later Alys was brought back to earth by a loud bang.  Bolting upright, she turned towards the door.  Sitting there was what looked like a nervous messenger boy.

“Princess,” he bowed, “Your lesson schedule for the week.”  He held out a paper.  Alys trotted forward, took the paper and waved.

“Thank you!” she exclaimed.  The boy bowed nervously, then turned around and ran down the hall. “That was different!” Alys said, heading back towards the sill.  After she sat down she unfolded the paper.  This is what it said:

“Lessons begin at 10 o’clock each morning.  You will have lunch breack at 1:45.  Your schedule is listed below.







4:45-Reading and Writing

Alys paused in her reading.  The king had told her that she would only have 4 classes.  Oh well…she would try all of the lessons this week.  She stared at the sun dial.  Oh no It was almost 10 o’clock!  Grabbing her picture, she left the rest of the supplies on the windowsill.  She ran down the stairs, stopping at the room the schedule said.  Opening the door, she stepped into the room.

Alys gazed around her eyes landed on a very,verythin old man sitting on a chair, his back to her.  Afraid she would kill him if she made a loud noise; she cleared her throat—ahem. Nothing happened.  Still afraid, she tiptoed closer, and then cleared her throat again—ahem.  Still nothing happened.  She was right behind him—ahem.  He was absolutely silent. She tapped him on the shoulder, still afraid to scare him.  Was he already dead?  Slowly, she circled around to the front of his chair.  His eyes were closed, his mouth open a tiny bit.  Dead? No, his eye was twitching.  She shook him.  Not a movement, besides his eye, that is.  She cleared her throat again, and when no response came she said,

“Excuse me, M…” He sat bolt upright, turning his head wildly.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” then his eyes fell on Alys.  “Dear me, the princess!” his voice shook, but his body was perfectly still.  “Here for your lesson, I suppose?”  He said.  “I’m Professor Attilburgh; I’m going to be teaching you palace history.”  Alys stood there silently as he chattered on and on, then he suddenly said,

“Now let’s begin.  Sit down! Sit down!” Alys sat.  Attilburgh pulled out a book, and a pair of spectacles.  After putting his glasses on, he opened the book to the very first page.  He then began to read.

“King Rupert the first was born on January 19th, 800 A.D. He had 4 sons, his oldest named Rupert II, who would inherit the kingdom.  Later in life…” he droned on and on, very boring.  But still Alys listened intently.  “Rupert II was devastated by the…” the Professor suddenly slammed the book shut.  “Off to your next lesson!” he said, then pulled her chair out from under her.How rude!thought Alys as she scrambled out the door.  Pulling her schedule out of her pocket, she headed towards her next class.  This one she should enjoy: Art.


The End

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