These gardens were the most magnificent Alys had ever seen.  There was glorious green grass and flowers of every type and color.  There are trees of green, apple trees, cherry trees, pear, plum and apricot trees.  There are a large variety of berries, fruits and greens in these gardens.  There is also an open meadow, with a single, wide spread, oak tree in the center.  In this meadow was a corral, with a large brown barn to the side.  Alys quickly placed Bruno in the barn then ran out again, wanting to see more.  Hanging from the tree was a weathered swing, swaying in unison with the branches in the slight breeze.  Throughout the meadow Alys found a selection of daisies, with little girls sitting in the grass playing hand games and making daisy chains.  Though it is busy, it is peaceful.

The palace is a grand building of marble and oak.  It is intricately designed, more so than any other building Alys had ever set her eyes on, and the inside is the most cozy.  The entrance hall is a widespread, well used room with many tables and chairs you are able to lounge in.  Off to one side is a small, hidden door that leads to the rest of the palace.  Inside the doorway is a short staircase, leading up to the main part of the palace. Lining the hall were windows and doors.  The windows were stunning, painted with images telling the story of the many princes and their families.  The doors led to common rooms, the kitchen, the dining hall, the maids’ quarters, and the scribes’ room.  At the end of the hall, right before the staircase leading upwards, was a dingy door, unlike the others, that led to the dungeons.

The second floor was lined with bedrooms.  There was the kings’ room, the princes’ room, six guest rooms and three bathrooms—besides the ones inside the bedrooms.  The third floor was the most grand, with but four rooms.  There were three ballrooms, and a throne room.  Each ballroom was unique.  The first had a marble tiled floor, with marble tiled walls and one large window at the far end.  The second was smaller than the others, plain, but covered in paintings.  Each wall told a different fantasy, each wall was its own. The third ballroom was the most complex.  Its floor was patterned to paint a picture of the palace grounds.  It was a map.  Each ballroom, however, had one similarity, a stage located on the west wall, but each with a different colored curtain.

The throne room was the grandest of all.  It was completely square, and almost completely symmetrical.  The only impurity was the thrones on the far wall.  In the center was a large, opulent throne with red velvet cushions adorning it.  To one side was a smaller throne designed exactly the same, besides the size.  The last throne was more of a simple design.  The back f it facing the door, it was a pure white, high backed, simple chair with pale yellow silk cushions.  Compared to the others, it could hardly be called a throne, but it was.  Alys ran forward to get a closer look.  The simpleness of it compared to the tremendous thrones somehow reminded Alys of herself.  The urge to sit on the soft cushions was great, almost to much to bear.  Just as she was preparing to place herself into the chair the door opened.  Quickly she stood and stare at the king as he walked down the room towards his throne.  Alys was surprised to see that he was positively beaming.  As he settled himself into the throne, he ushered her to sit as well.  Alys sat and relaxed.  The king spoke in a jolly voice, one you would imagine St. Nicholas to have. 

“Hello my young one.” Alys gave him a shy wave.

“I expect you understand why I have called you here.” He said in his jolly voice.  Alys shook her head, confused.  “Well then!” he exclaimed, “I better tell you, now shouldn’t I?”  Alys sat there and did nothing.  The king smiled gently, “Now sweetheart, I have a giant surprise for you.  You do not have to believe me.  In fact, I don’t expect you to.  I would, however, like you to think about it.” He paused, took a deep breath, then said, “I better give you’re the whole story so you will understand better.” And so the whole story came out, from the day she was born to the present.

“Finally I gathered the courage to tell the inhabitants of the castle.”  He chuckled, “their reaction was not at all what I expected!”  He then told her how the whole court had rejoiced and had him send for Alys immediately.  Alys pondered this,Princess.  I really am a princess.  I’m princess Alys.

The king watched her closely, and then said, “I hope you will stay here.  Maria will, of course, care for you as well as me,” he paused, “Think about it.”  He then left.  Alys sat there a moment, then got up and walked out the door. She worked her way down to the kitchen.  When she opened the door she was greeted very enthusiastically by a plump old lady.

 “Such a small child!” the lady exclaimed, then sat her at a table and placed platters and platters full of food in front of her.

An hour later Alys left the kitchen, insisting she needed no more.  She then found her way to her bedroom, which now read “Princess”.  After changing into her nightgown, she flopped onto the bed.  She was immediately overwhelmed by fluffiness.  After throwing all but one pillow and one blanket onto the floor, she settled down again.  In seconds she was asleep.

In Alys’ dreams there were princesses and palaces and maids and crowds and thrones, the list went on and on.  Alys woke, screaming, for she was overwhelmed.  She sat in her bed, rocking back and forth, calling for her Nana.  Poor Alys, she was all alone without her Nana.  Though she was 13 years old, she was small and fragile.  For the first time in her life Nana wasn’t there to comfort her.  She sobbed on an on.

After hours and hours of crying, Alys was completely out of tears.  A few minutes later she was asleep again, though she slept restlessly for the remainder of the night. What seemed like minutes later, she was being shaken awake.

“Five more minutes,” she mumbled, rolling over, but still the shaking continued.  She finally opened her eyes, only to find ten pairs of unfamiliar eyes staring down at her.  Letting out a terrified squeak, she rolled onto her stomach and buried her head in her pillow. Where was she?  Then it all came flooding back to her.  Rolling back over, she squinted up at the person standing above her.


“Hello dearest!” the young woman exclaimed, “Would you like some breakfast?”  she showed Alys a tray full of every food she could think of, and some she couldn’t.  Amidst all of the clutter, she spotted a piece of hard black peasant bread and goat cheese.  She grabbed the familiar food and a glass of water, and then pushed the tray away.  After she finished her breakfast, an older lady came up o her and said,

“I’ve drawn your bath Madame.” Then Alys found herself being lifted out of bed and being undressed.

Too stunned to do anything, she let the woman undress her and plop her into a foamy mess, where they scrubbed every inch of her.  After she was “sparkling clean” another woman ran up and pulled her out of the tub.  A fourth dried her off, and a fifth put her underclothes on.

Afterthatshe found herself being measure and forced into a dress that was so poofy that she couldn’t even see the floor she was standing on, not to mention all of the itchy lace and frills.  Once all of that was done all but one woman scampered out of the room.  When Alys looked up she saw a vaguely familiar face.

“The king is awaiting your appearance,” the woman said, walking out the door.

“Wait!” Alys called after her, attempting to run after her, only to trip and fall.  Rolling over, she stood up.  This time she pulled up her skirt, then ran after the woman.

The End

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