Welcome to the planet Eolia, where life is about as normal as here on earth. Meet Alys Baker: a mystery concealed. Matthew: a prince. an idiot, and a friend. Enjoy the mystery, hardship and secrets of Eolia. Join us in Ernest, Solemn; The Palace of Ondger; and the Palace of Solemn.

Walking away from the door, the king was in despair.  A child, a princess?  How could that have happened?  He was not allowed as a peasant was, he could not break the laws of his fathers.  One child, a prince, would be allowed to live.  All the rest would be murdered at birth.  However, the queen had not wanted to murder her baby.  her dying wish was to let the princess live.  It had been ten months since her death, and eleven since the princess had been born, but he could not hide this princess forever.  He had to dispose of her, but he couldn't!  He argued with himself on the way to the dungeon.

Yes, it's horrible, he had his eleven month old child locked up in the dungeon, in the sealed cell, with a hired Nana.  How could the king have done this!?  His baby princess, his little child, and she had to be dead within twenty-four hours because he had a high security prisoner "needing" the cell.  a tear fell down his cheek as he put the key in the door.  Masking a smile, he walked in and picked up his shining child.

"DaDa," she gurgled, "DaDa."  Truly beaming now, the tears still ran down his face.  How could he kill this precious gem?  How could he murder his pearl?

Rocking his baby to sleep, he quietly conversed with the Nana. 

"Maria," he whispered, "I cannot do it.  I can not give her away.  I can not have her murdered."  Maria had been ready for him to say this.

"Let me take her," she told the king.  "Let me take her to a neighboring kingdom and raise her there.  Let me raise her in ignorance, and if you can risk the princess coming back you can send a messenger, and I shall bring her.  Death shall not come to her in my hands, though in your's it wil."

The king thought very carefully about this before answering, "I like it. You will take my princess to Solemn.  There you will raise her, and, if a day comes when the law changes, my princess will be revealed to Ondger."

And so it was arranged.  That night he took the baby and the Nana to his royal quarters and prepared them for the journey.  He desperately hoped that the plan would work, that he would see his princess again before his own death.  He desperately hoped that secret would not be discovered before it was hidden, because his soft heart was embarrassing, because allowing the princess to live would get him thrown out of his throne, or so he thought.

The End

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