"I'm Second-Guessing Myself, Which is Nuts..."

Gwen shook her head.  No.  No, it just won't work.  Just won't.  She scowled at the blinking cursor in that white square, holding down the backspace button.  Yet another failed attempt at a workable idea.

She hadn't been able to write anything for days, and it bothered her.  Every time she tried something, it just wouldn't work.  It didn't help that, in her mind, nothing else of hers was getting noticed anymore.  Nobody, in her mind, was curious anymore.  Well, at least very few seemed outwardly curious.  Very few would go back to find old pieces, it seemed like the most recent pieces were the only ones that were worth looking over.  It was more effort, but most often very much worht it.

Her finger kept drifting back to that backspace button lately.  Well... maybe this idea might be good.  Maybe I should just take a chance with it, maybe it'll work.  Gwen stepped back, sighing and running her fingers through her bangs.  She was fine with comments, but it was the regaining of her "writing legs" that didn't sit well with her.  Nothing seemed good enough anymore, nothing seemed worth anyone's time or trouble.  The whole self-second-guessing thing?  Yeah, not so great.

Maybe a break was good every once a while.  Her tired head sank to her chest.  "But, God Almighty," she pleaded to the air, exasperated, "does it have to be this rough?"

The End

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