She meandered through the crowd, looking up at the Story Boards for new updates and so forth.  As she was walking through the crowded area, she managed to bump into her friend Paul.

They chatted a bit as they walked down the halls, although something in Paul's demeanor made Gwen stop. 

"What's up?  You seem kinda lost."

He shrugged.  "I kinda feel lost.  I dunno, I don't feel like I've set down roots here.  But the minute I do, the new place is gonna pop up."

"Dude," she said, taking him by the shoulders, "you can do it.  You can go from one to the other if you want.  But you can do it, I know it.  Repeat after me: You can do it."

He nodded as he said, "I can do it."

"Good."  She let him go with a smile.  She glanced at the board again, taking a good look at the date this time.  Her eyes widened.

"I'll be back," she said, headed for the door.  Paul nodded in understanding without a word.  He knew where she was going.


Here’s where the new road starts. I have gone as far as I wanted to go on this road, and I’m glad I could do it.

Six months. Thirty days. Five hundred ficlets.

I never thought I’d make it this far, thought it to be out of my mortal reach. But I did. I did what I thought was impossible. And I’m happy that I could acomplish all this before time ran out.

I will not give up writing; by no means, no. I will stay in contact, I will keep writing, I will keep a sharp eye out for new opportunities.

To everyone who has touched me, inspired me, made me think: I thank you.

I will stay on the corner for a while. I will still encourage until the end. And when the sunset comes, I’ll move along.

All good things must, unfortunately, come to an end.

Hopefully, there’ll be something else good to come along and act as another spot. But not to take its place; nothing will ever take its place in my heart.

I close the book and shoulder my load, satisfied.

I have gotten up and did what needed to be done.

She read the page she left there over and over.  She peered down the hill, where the small, familiar compound lay nearly abandoned.  They'll be coming soon, she thought sadly.  But we had good times.  So much talent, so many stories, so much support.  I'm glad I got in what I could.The crunch of gravel behind her surprised her.  It was Paul, along with a few other old friends.  He shrugged and gave her a half-smile.  She smiled weakly back, standing up and starting to walk back with them.                She was ready to move on.
The End

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