Entrance Exam

The author's semi-stream-of-consciousness, prose-ified, personified "memoir"/journal/log of sorts as she weaves and stumbles through life in the site that is Protagonize.

She sat in the metal chair, trying not to jitter her legs.  But it was inevitable.  It was a habit of hers.  She bit her lip.

She looked at her watch.  Again.  Dang, was this thing even working?

I wonder what they'll think, she wondered.  Man, I hate second guessing myself!  People tell me that I'm good enough, but those people are used to me.  These people know nothing about me, so what do I matter to them?

She checked her watch again.

Why do you need to worry? people asked.  You'll do fine!

"Yeah," she muttered to herself aloud,  "but... but..."  She whined in despair.

Get a hold of yourself, Gwen! she yelled to herself in her mind.  What did you do to get yourself ahead in your last spot?

Well, I... did "my thing"...

Dang right you did!  And you're gonna do it again!  You can DOIT!

Gwen looked up, staring at the opposite wall.  She slowly smiled, nodding to herself.  "I just gotta do my thing.  Be lil' ol' me doing my lil' ol' thing."

"Excuse me, are you Gwen?"  She looked into the face of a young woman with a clipboard.  Gwen stood, nodding.  "The Board will see you now."

She took a deep breath, following.

The room wasn't as barren as she'd envisioned.  It wasn't the same as the first place she'd been, but it was a new opportunity.  A new start.

Gwen faced the people at the other end of the table.  So these were the "scary people" I had to impress.

No, she thought.  Let them think of me what they want.

"Good morning," one of them said with a smile.

She let loose a smirk, and cried out, "Good morning world and all who inhabit it!"

The End

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