Chapter nine pt 2Mature


I make sure to lead Peter off school grounds. I make him walk in front of me where I can keep a good eye on him. We are In a vacant park. I lead him to a small building with a public restrooms inside. I usher him in the men's room. I try to ignore my every instinct to slam his head into a urinal, but even standing here looking at the coward; his scrawny frame leaning on a sink for support, it's a hard thing to do. I slam the door shut. I hold up the bugging device so Peter can get a good look at it. “Start talking.”

W-well I dunno anything about that,” he stammers.

I close the distance between us looking down at his face, I feel adrenaline dancing through my veins like electricity. “I think you do,” I whisper crisply.

He squeezes his eyes shut. “I was forced into doing it!” He cries admittedly.

By who?”

He begins to tremble and looks toward the ground for guidance, “No. No, please I can't say... they'll hurt me.”

I can't believe he expects me to be merciful I grab him by the collar of his shirt so he has to look at me, that way I can tell if he's lying when I ask,.“Was it Marcus?”

No recognition registers in his eyes. I grow “Marcus, Juice. Whatever the fuck his name is?!”

I catch the expression in his eyes change, bingo.

-“How do you know him?"”

He supplies me with weed,” Peter admits in a tiny voice.

-“Shocker. Where else did you put these bugs ?”

He's looking at his shoes, still trembling. He takes too long to answer me. Now I am mad. I aim my fist at his jaw but purposely miss hitting the mirror on the wall behind the sink. Glass shatters sprinkling everywhere, even in our hair. He begins to whimper. “Your car.”

Is that all?!” I demand. Once again he hesitates.

I raise my fist this time he knows if he doesn't comply I won't miss his face. “Yes, yes that's all I swear,” he says breathlessly.

You know what Peter I came here with the intention of beating the shit out of you, but you will have to live with the rest of your life knowing a women is dead because of you. That seems punishment enough.” I begin to walk away, I throw one last glance at him over my shoulder.“Break all ties with Juice or our next meeting will make this one seem like a cakewalk.”

Peter is smart enough not to follow me back to school. My own anger is causing me to tremble and feel out of control. I grow cold and anxious thinking about the bugs. I still don't trust Peter as far as I can throw him. Marcus had the upper hand by getting Peter, who is rumored to be a high tech genius, on his side. Once I have someone like that on my side, I 'll breath easier.

Walking into school, I'm greeted by Courtney in the hallway. It's nice to have a moment of normalcy. “When are we going to work on your homecoming campaign?” She asks. For some reason her nose is red and her voice comes out nasally.

I shrug, slyly. “I don't have to campaign I've already won.” I wrap my arms around her waist, pressing kisses into her neck. She's quiet which is both rare and delightful, still I have to ask, “What's wrong?”

Your different Max, I'm not the only one who's noticed. People see you walking with her and talking with her.”

Courtney won't even say her name but of course she's talking about Maddison, who else? I stare hard at her, seeing if she'll elaborate she does. “ I mean Christ Max, the girl still reeks of death and your letting her trail around you like a puppy dog!”

I'm not letting her do anything, you don't know what your talking about Court.”

I know that your going to give her a lot more emotional turmoil once you pull your famous in and out act.”

I wince. “Okay stop right there. There is Nothing going on between us, nothing like that.”

Than what is it?”

I sigh. “I can't exactly explain.”

She studies me for a moment.“You don't have to. I'm done with all of this.” She walks away. I think I was dumped for the first time... ever. I have to admit it's not so fun being on the receiving end.

The End

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