Chapter eight pt 2Mature


Why is everyone starring at you?” I ask Maddison. She shrugs her shoulders and takes a sudden interest in the floor. A second later she shakes herself out of it. “I'm not sure.”

Does it bother you having everyone look at you like that?”

She quickly shakes her head, “They've been looking at me weird for a few days. I'm used to it. I have to ask, have you ever done anything to make Peter mad?”

Peter?” I'm trying to put a face to his name.

Yea the kid who just transferred into our History class.”

Oh that’s his name. God I swear that kid is stalking me, he is in every one of my classes now.”

Her eyes widen a little. “Oh no.” She whispers.

I'm not sure where she is going with this.

What did you do to make Peter mad?” she demands.

  • What makes you think I did anything?!”

Because you keep avoiding the question and a couple weeks ago, he told you that you'll get what's coming to you.”

Gears start turning in my head. If a kid threatens you, on a night you were almost killed, I'd say it's a perfectly good reason to be suspicious. I hastily throw my book bag over my shoulder. I'm about to close my locker, but Maddison starts to freak out. She reaches inside the locker, standing on her tip toes, to grab something off of the top shelf. I'm worried I left an old sandwich or something as equally disgusting in there. She pulls out a tiny black piece of plastic.

What is that?” I ask.

She drops it on the floor and crushes it with her foot. “It's some kind of spying device.” She whispers. “You've been bugged.”

We spend the next five minutes checking my locker and my book bag for more of those devices. We find one more in my book bag. We crush that too.

You really think this Peter kid did this?” I ask her.

I don't know for sure but-”

I don't hear the rest of that sentence, but head to the cafeteria. If Peter changed his schedule to match mine than this is where he would be. Waiting for me.

Maddison is calling after me. I ignore her. I make it to the cafeteria entrance when I feel her hand on my arm. I catch my breath and turn to look at her.

Rationalize first. If you go in there and attack Peter he's going to know that your on to him.”

I think about it for a minute and than continue in my tracks.

Maddy yells after me. But my mind is made up. Screw rationalizing, this kid may have played a part in the gas station shooting. Shouldn't that count for something?

I scan the cafeteria. He's got this fake black emo dye in his hair so he isn't to hard to spot. He's sitting by himself in the far corner of the room hunched over his laptop.

I stalk over to where he's sitting. He looks up slowly from his laptop. He almost falls backwards when he see's me looming over him.

Hi Dick.” I say.

It's Peter.” He corrects.

My grin is wide and toothy.“ Let's go for a walk.”

The End

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