Chapter eight pt 1Mature


Kyle waves at us uncertainty, as he nears his car. Max rolls down his window “Get in the back.” He barks at Kyle.

In the back of my own car? Sure why not!” Kyle says sarcastically but he obliges anyways.

I smile at him as we high tail it out of the parking lot.He returns my smile with a look of confusion. His eyes dance between me and Max for a moment. “I need your help," I admit, my voice consumed with guilt.

Kyle nods his head slowly but he isn't able to get a word in before I begin to explain our situation. I lie to make it sound more G rated and appealing to Mr. Future Ivy League. The less he knows the better. He has a million questions, and he'll have a million more once he's done what we've asked him too. Naturally, he's hesitant to help us it's not me it's Max he doesn't trust. I play up the orphan card, which is still so raw and painful to do and also Max is five hundred dollars poorer now.


My nerves are on edge that night. I know were getting in over our heads. I have to call Max against my is.Our conversation was short but it goes something like this;“Max I'm not so sure this is a good idea maybe we should let the cops handle this.” 

Max gets defensive, “Look if you don't want to come with me tomorrow night that's fine just keep quiet okay....My dad's paying private detectives by the day to handle this, so there's no doubt in my mind that they'll take their sweet ass time. And as for the cops their probably getting bored already, they'll be moving on to something else soon.”

-“Well I can't let you go at this by yourself. If anyone's going to turn Marcus in It's going to be me... or at least I'm going to be there when it happens.”

I hear him chuckle on the other end. “Goodnight.”

The next morning I make my way to History class, both Kyle and Max are in that class as well. I look at Kyle, he takes his seat , which happens to be behind mine. “Are you okay?” I ask when he sits down.

Peachy.” He squeaks. He's already worked himself into a nervous sweat.

Max sits next to his girlfriend Courtney. He waves uncertainty at me, and she shoots me a dark look. I glare back at the both of them.

A gawky boy seats himself on my left. He looks like he's ill. His skin is so ashen and pale, offsetting his black hair. He looks vaguely familiar, though I don't remember being in this class before. I study him for a minute until I remember why he looks familiar. A couple weeks ago, when Max stole my homework... My mind drifts to what he told Max. “You'll get what's coming to you.”

He clears his throat and I realize I'm still starring at him. “My name's peter.” He holds out a hand. I don't want to shake it, but he won't put it back down. I give him sloppy hand shake. “ I had my schedule changed,” He informs to offer an explanation of why I've never seen him in here before.

I catch Peter eying up Max with scrutiny a few times throughout the class. You'd think he'd cut the guy a break considering he was almost killed, but like myself he seems to have a grudge against Max.

I wait for Max at his locker after class apparently I'm not the only one who wants to see him. Courtney is waiting on the other side of his locker, adjusting the length of her skirt... you know to make it shorter. I want to tell her that she's cheapening herself by doing that but I also don't have a death wish at the moment. I smile at her, and as if she just notices me she stops what she's doing. “Mary right?”

Maddy.” I correct.

Oh right. Max has told me a lot about you,” She says.

I stare straight ahead at the lockers, picking at someone's padlock. If the school were a forest Courtney would be a rabid she-wolf, and I would be a timid rabbit. Her first meal of the day.

She clears her throat, she thinks I'm bored and that she's lost my attention. As if somehow I could relax with her breathing down my neck.“It's sure nice of my boyfriend to take you under his wing while your grieving and all,” Her voice drips with venom. Nice, was never a word I'd associate with Max.

He feels bad. I get that.” She opens her locker and begins to coat her lips with gloss. Angrily. “I just don't want you to be upset, when out of nowhere he stops talking to you.”

I can't help but laugh, these people and their egos. Courtney's eyes narrow.

Trust me Courtney I can get over-"

She slams her locker shut, and turns to face me. She smiles, “Good, great than get over it. All of it.”

Excuse me?” I hope she's not implying what I think she is.

I'm saying the sooner you get over your mother, the better for Max. Than you could get ove-

But I don't give her a chance to finish, my fist clips her in the chin. Not hard I'm sure. Her head bounces off her locker. The world stops. Everyone shuts up all of the sudden. Courtney tilts her head back up and I realize blood is dripping furiously from her nose, down her chin. A million eyes are on us. The town princess, and the little sad girl who just lost their mother. I don't think they know who to feel sorry for right now.

After a moment of starring at me wide eyed, in shock. Courtney lets out a high pitched wail. She is running down the hallway. A group of girls rush to comfort her. She rushes out of sight just as Max rounds the corner to greet me. I realize everyone is still starring. A few jaws, are left hanging open.

The End

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