chapter seven pt 2Mature


When we get to the parking lot. I'm relieved to see my car is still there. Unfortunately all four of the tires are slashed.

Sal, oh no.... We'll get you fixed up buddy.”

Maddy rolls her eyes. “You named your car, and it's a boy.”

Of course it's a boy, girls can't drive.” I point out. I take out my cell phone and call for a tow truck. 'How about I drive your car back to school?” I suggest in the friendliest voice I can muster.

She looks annoyed but hands over the keys. “Only because I don't have my license.... and it's not really my car.”

Jesus Maddy, just get in the car.”

We spend most of the ride to Monroe arguing over how stupid Maddison is or isn't to have broken into a house defenseless. “I'm just saying good thing I was there.” I dispute.

She's about to say something, but is interrupted by a beep of the cell phone we stole. She flips it open and reads the text. “Are we still on for tomorrow?”

Read the previous texts.” I tell her.

It takes her a moment to scroll through, “ 'Meet me at Fox Hole Thursday night around eight pm and we'll come up with something.'” She reads, "I'm going there tomorrow."

No, absolutely not, neither of us can go. We can't risk being recognized .” I say.

Trust me nobody will notice me.”

Why do you say that?”

I'm not as noticeable as you Max, I can blend a lot easier.”

I think about it for a minute, “it's too risky. We need someone to be our eyes and ears.”

I pull into the parking lot. “And who would do that for us?” She asks.

I don't answer right away. I'm caught off guard by the boy waiting ,smiling like a puppy dog, in the parking lot. I can only assume he is the owner of the car Maddison borrowed. His smile fades when he notices me in the driver's seat.

The End

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