chapter seven pt1Mature


I hoist myself through the window. My feet are dangling just above a rusted shower/bath . Quietly I lower myself into apartment 2B. I step on the screen that I managed to take out by swinging from a tree branch and kicking both of my feet at it.

I try not to think about the obvious. I try to push aside thoughts of being inside the home of my mother's murderer, because the whole situation is starting to make me have dry heaves. This apartment is disgusting plagued with dirt, and old food, dishes and garbage. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, just some kind of clue to Degrigio's whereabouts. I scale the hallways looking cautiously inside the bedrooms, until I came to one with an old dusty desktop in it. Inside the bed is unmade and clothes litter the floor. It smells like mold in here. I open the closet, It's empty. All the rooms are neutral, and void of any kind of decor. There all consistent in their filth so it's hard to tell which room may have belonged to a teenage boy.

I hear a loud thud and I go into a crazed panic mode. Footsteps quickly approach. Quickly I hide in the closet and cover my mouth because I can't steady my frantic breathing in time. Someone comes in the bedroom, closer to the closet. The knob to the closet door begins to rotate. I squeeze my eyes shut tight not wanting to see what comes next. I feel a hand on my arm and scream for my life. Another hand upon my mouth shuts me up fast. I open my eyes in alarm. Maxwell Roosevelt. He moves his hand away.

What are you doing here? How did you know?”

He puts his hands on my shoulders and gives me a hard shake. “You are far to unobservant to be breaking into a murder's home. What the hell were you thinking?”

You followed me?! Why didn't you just try stopping me?”

  • I had a feeling if I stopped you now, you'd try to come back here anyways. I know your looking for clues to finding Marcus. Go back to the car and drive back to home. I can take it from here.”

What?! No I 'm not leaving something this important in your hands.”

Trust me Maddison. The guy wants me dead. I intend on finding him before he finds me.”

He killed my mother!”

Max holds his hand up to stop me from talking. Sure enough there’s someone headed up the stairs. I know it's an obvious given but the closet really is the only place to hide in this room. Max quietly shuts the door behind us.

Just as I'm about to cry, because I think the person approaching the room is coming because he heard us up here I here a chair being pulled out at the computer desk. Another minute and I hear typing. Although it's dark I see the outline of Max's face. He looks studious, not as scared as he should be. He's straining to hear like I am. The typing goes on for probably the next couple minutes. The phone ringing from downstairs sends the mystery typer away. After a minute we go to the computer. The typer was writing an email. I don't read it but busy myself with plugging my flash drive in and quickly saving the email to it.

Omigod Your nuts. You better hurry up with that!” Max warns.

I save all that I can getting a few other outbox emails on there too. “This is gold.” I say.

-”This is even better.”

I look at Max. He's holding up a cell phone.

Where did you-

The computer desk. Lying right there in plain sight. See what I mean. Unobservant.”

A minute later we here a car start up. It's perfect timing for us to get out of here.

The End

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