Chapter six pt 1Mature


It's the first day back from school since the incident. It's been four days. My principal called me last night and tried to get me to stay home for two weeks to “properly grieve” as he put it. I wasn't so sure there was a proper way to do that. I knew another day of sitting here in this quiet apartment contemplating what the hell I was going to do to prevent myself from becoming a ward of the state was going to drive me insane. People are whispering and giving me sympathetic looks, either that or there avoiding looking at me all together.

I scan the crowd in homeroom before I find the kid I'm looking for, Kyle, he's at the top of our class. Kyle Wheeler only wears sweaters with names of Ivy league colleges printed on them. Today it's Yale, I try not to roll my eyes. I meet his gaze. He offers me a shy smile. He's smart yet he had the aggression of a teddy bear. It's too bad that no matter where he goes to school the real world is going to eat him alive. Kyle has a car and he doesn't talk a lot . Sounds like the perfect friend for me. I point at his shirt and give him a thumbs up. I could probably make conversation with him at this point and get away with it. The teacher's are giving me a wide berth today, letting me get away with anything. “Kyle.” I whisper.


Meet me at in main lobby after English.”

Um Sure.” He says his voice squeaking a little. He's such an exemplar student. His brown hair neatly brushed to one side, jeans neatly pressed and sharpened pencils lined up nicely on his desk. I manage a half hearted smile.

I wait for Kyle to appear in the lobby. He walks over to me with that silly quivering smile on his face still. I don't feel good about what I have to do. It's not hard to work myself into another crying fit. Kyle hands me a tissue packet from his man purse- book bag-thing.

I'm so sorry Kyle I was going to ask you if I could.” Sniff.” Borrow.” Sniff “Your English notes, but I just want to get out of here.” Deep breath. “This was a bad idea coming here and now I'm stuck here until the buses come.”

Kyle is quiet for a moment. “Do you have your license?”

No. “Yea of course.”

He hands me his keys. “Do you know which one is mine?”

I try hard to suppress a grin as I reach out for the keys

The End

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