Chapter four pt 2Mature


I pour myself a bowl of fruit loops and eat them up with a vengeance, like they might be able to fill the void or something. Max is looking at me with a bemused expression on his face.

What?” I ask.

  • I've never seen a girl eat like that.”

His very presence makes me angry. It's a good distraction from the pain I'm not willing to let myself feel completely yet.

Yea well the girls you date probably don't even eat.” I say between spoonfuls. I'm beyond caring what he thinks.

That's true my girlfriend Courtney doesn't eat in front of me at all.”

I shrug. “I can care less what you think of me Max.”

He doesn't say anything just stares at his shoes. I'm sure he's got other places to be than holed up with me in this tiny apartment. It dawns on me, he just may be as lost as I am. Definitely doesn't hurt as bad as I do. He is the reason my mom is dead. Okay maybe the low life that shot her is. But Max was indirectly the cause of her death.

You shouldn't be here.”

He is still quiet, nervously chewing on his lip. Gross. Everything about him is gross now. One thing is for sure he's not his normal obnoxious overly confident self. But he's obnoxious in a new way

Nobody came for you last night.” He says stating the obvious.

I drink the milk from my bowl making sure to slurp it really loud. I flip the TV on, hoping he takes a hint. The news is on. Their running the same story the story of my mother's death. A number flashes on the bottom of the screen.

Once again if you have any information involving suspect Marcus During suspect in the Amy Bellherst murder case, who was last seen driving a brown 1990 Buick Le Sabre please call-”

Max shuts the TV off. “My father has just about every cop and detective in the county working on finding him.”

Take your check I don't want it.”

He clears his throat. "Yeah I got that when you threw the glass at my head." He stares at me waiting for an apology. There's a prolonged silence before he pushes the issue, "please Maddison, put aside your pride I know you could use the money and I feel...somewhat responsible for what happened...”

On better thought maybe I could use the money for a plane ticket. I could start a new life, get out of here after I find mom's murderer. If I could keep a low profile until then...

You should go Max. My father will be here soon.” I lie.

Okay... See you later.” He says narrowing his eyes inquisitively at me before making his way out.

As soon as Max leaves. I grab a pen and paper and begin to conduct a list. Three days ago is when the incident happened. I was there when Max gave his statement to the police. I was in shock than, but my memory is just beginning to recall what Max said. I write down what I know, What Max knew.

  • The boy was Latino

  • Gang name possibly Juice

  • Real name Marcus Degrigo

  • Drove a piece of shit car with an oil leak. Brown 1990 Buick Le Sabre to be exact.

  • His father was a mechanic at the South Monroe Plaza

Something didn't add up. Why would someone who's father was a mechanic be driving a car with an oil leak? I add, “Getaway Car, wasn't suspect’s. May have had an accomplice.” To my list.

The End

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