Chapter four pt 1Mature


I don't remember driving here and I'm not sure what I should say to Maddison as she reluctantly lets me in. I join her at the kitchen table. I can't help but notice that their loft is about the size of my bedroom. I suddenly feel disgusted with myself, that's never happened before. She's starring at me expectantly waiting for me to speak.

I clear my throat, “I got an A on my history assignment last week.” I mentally scorn myself sure that those weren't the right words.

She's glaring at me, I'm waiting for her to say something now.

Your something else.” She mutters under her breath.

I apologize, because I know she's right. “Should I go?”

She gets up, I'm thinking she's going to open the door to let me out, instead she walks to the sink. Down below she opens a cupboard and from it produces a bottle of cheap liquor. Vodka. She pours two glasses of it, and slides one over to me.

I down mine almost as fast as she downs hers.

I hate you Max.” She whispers. Now I'm almost positive I should go, but I don't.

Did you open my card?”

She shakes her head. I see a pile of  cards on the counter in the kitchen. I rifle through them until I find one with my mother's handwriting on the envelope. I hand it to her and sit back down. Cautiously she opens it. The check falls out immediately. I watch as her eyes go wide. She's silent for a moment. Next she throws her glass at the cupboard above my head. I duck and cover my head. A moment later I'm up and out of my seat. I can't help but stare at her incredulously. Sympathy isn't my strong suit. Maddison points to the door. “Get the hell out.” She says in a scary calm voice.

I do as told. But decide it's best to wait out in the hallway until someone comes to get her. I lean against her apartment door. I hear her crying for hours on end. Nobody ever shows. I fall asleep sometime after she stops crying, propped against the door frame.

I awake in the morning. I have five missed calls from Courtney and a text message asking where I am. It takes me a minute to remember that I'm waiting outside Maddison's apartment. I knock on her door she lets me in with no argument.

The End

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