chapter three pt 1Mature


I'm stubborn, nobody can make me do anything I don't want to. Unless they have a gun.

Jesus man. What the hell ? Do I even know you?:

  • I said get the hell out of the car?!” He is now pointing a pistol at me. I gingerly get out of the car, every nerve rattling inside my body.

See your daddy can't seem to get the message. His pretty little housing development is causing some turmoil.”

Look if that's what this is about I can-

SHUT UP!” He waves his gun at me again and I do so obligingly. He spits at the ground by my feet. “ It's going to mean closing down the establishments that currently reside there.”

I could have told him that.

One of them being the mechanic shop my old man works at.” I take a moment to digest that.

Do you know what that means?” I don't answer right away. I'm too busy eying up the gun being carelessly waved in front of my face. “Do you?!”

I nod my head afraid to speak.

So now it's time for your old man to suffer the consequences,” he aims the gun at my head and I close my eyes. His friends are calling after him in the car.

He's a minor Juice lets get the hell out of here!” One kid yells.

I hear a woman’s voice as she approaches the scene. “Think about this kid. Your going to ruin your future. You really want to put the gun down.”

Shut up bitch!” The boy yells.

I hear footsteps come closer to me, my eyes are still close so I don't know if it's hers or the Latino’s. An instant later the gun goes off, I open my eyes.

Shit!” the boy swears jumping back in his car. The car speeds off into the distance leaving a trail of oil in it's wake.

No, oh god!” I'm alive obviously, but the women that came to my defense is lying at my feet in a pool of her own blood. Out of nowhere a girl appears by her side. I recognize her immediately, Madison Bellherst. I'm having trouble breathing. The bullet hit the women in the chest she was dead on impact. Madison shakes her mothers lifeless body. She screams for her mother. 

I'm frozen I stand their helplessly. I'll never forget the look on Maddison's face when she turns her gaze to mine.


The End

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